VAS Singapore Open Volleyball Championship

The Singapore Open Volleyball Championship organized by the Volleyball Association of Singapore (VAS) came to a close last Sunday.

Every year, teams send in players passionate about the sport, to this avenue for competitive volleyball.

Very happy to say that we managed to clinch the 2nd-runner-up posittion, a step up from 3rd-runner-up last year! 

It has been an amazing journey as always, even though we were fraught with troubles from the start. Conflicting jersey numbers, had to borrow jerseys from our previous players, not enough players for so many matches, events popping up here and there and forever late for our matches, even finals. Yet, we manage to pull through phew!

Team steamboat after training one night.

Selfies after winning our game on Sunday! 

This is team ACG in blue!

Cheering after winning a point!

Some unglam shots of me.

I'm there on the left preparing to block with Yijing.

Haha Xian's face damn funny here.

Good block Yum!!!

Photo credits to Lim Sau Boon, check out his VAS album HERE.
 and 赤の他人 check out his VAS album HERE.

Screenshot from my captain Jaime's insta!! I love my team, so blessed that we were able to come together to train and achieve.

This marks the end of the sacrificing our weekends to get sweaty, very happy that we've achieved what we have, but also shows how much more we must train up especially our stamina! Haha. Good job girls, let's train even harder for the upcoming Singapore Uni Games (SuniG)!!! 

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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