LOST Singapore's Next Generation Real Escape Game

LOST SG is a high-tech real-life room escape game where I got to experience trying to escape from a room by solving puzzles!

We played the Exodus escape room and with teamwork, we managed to make it out within an hour without clues! WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! I'm also GIVING AWAY a trip to Lost SG for one of you (also get to bring 5 friends along!) so read on for details!!! 

If you don't already know, real-life room escape games are a type of physical adventure game in which people are locked in a room with other participants and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a set time limit.

LOST Sg is located at Peace Centre (further down from Pomo, beside Parklane, which is a short walk down from Cathay), 1 Sophia Road, #03-01/02/03 Singapore 228139. It's above the Korean bbq, access from the stairs! All photos taken by them will be posted up on Facebook www.facebook.com/thelostsg so if you've just visited, do head over to tag yourself and your friends in the photo which they will upload! Check out their FAQ page if you have any questions! If you have anymore enquiries, you can also can email them at hello@lost.sg!

I was so excited when Lost Sg emailed me to do an advertorial for them because I've never been to such a place nor played an escape room game before!! Initially I was afraid we wouldn't be smart/observant enough to complete any rooms but it was a needless worry because no complex calculation or thinking was required! Most of the time the answer that we got was easy just observational skills needed. So whatever your IQ level, don't worry just go and have fun!

Every visit will entitle you to a Polaroid picture to keep, as well as one to stick up on their walls.
Enslaved and oppressed with forced labor, life as an Israelite in Egypt was tough and difficult. Often beaten up and yelled at, it was not long before the Israelites lost all hope and fell into despair.On a scorching afternoon, a mysterious stranger came to town. An Israelite by birth, he demanded the Pharaoh to release his people from slavery. That moment changed the fate of the Israelites.

It took long before the Pharaoh relented. And on that fateful night, they followed him as the new leader and made their way out of Egypt; hearts filled with hope and joy. Regretting his decision shortly, the Pharaoh made his chariot ready and took an army with him to give chase.

I'm sure quite a few of you are familiar with this story ^ where Moses parted the Red Sea. Anyway, I was still thinking of which escape room to play when I was recommended this room because it's the most fun!

We got pass the first few stages pretty fast! Then we got stuck for quite awhile before moving on quickly again, and completed the room with 3 minutes to spare!!! It was so much fun because we all contributed in one way or another, with enough brains to solve different puzzles which requires different skills. It's more fun to go in a group of at least 4 people because then everybody can help and think together. Furthermore, there's enough space in the room to roam around and scrutinize details freely. 

We all really had loads of fun and bonding time, and the most satisfying feeling is when we solve a puzzle/level. Especially when we're stuck for so long and we kept trying all means and ways. THE SHIOK FEELING OF SOLVING SOMETHING IS REALLY GOOD and everyone suddenly feels very smart hahaha! Some puzzles are really not as hard or complicated as it seemed at first.

And here's the actual lighting, taken without flash! Just a sneak peak into the Exodus game room, don't wanna spoil any of your experiences!

If you haven't tried escape game rooms and would prefer a very fun and not too difficult experience, do try Exodus over at LOST SG! We really had so much fun! I cannot elaborate without spoiling the experience for you guys but everyone should go and try! All of us were SO AMAZED with the automatic sensors of the room! We still thought that the Lost Sg staff were looking at our actions through the cameras in the room and helping us unlock rooms when we did the right thing!! But we later found out that the cameras were just security cameras for safety, and everything we did was activated by sensors!!! SO AMAZINGG!

Alcatraz Island prison housed the most dangerous felons in America during its operation from 1934 to 1963. Surrounded by hazardous currents of the San Francisco Bay, no inmate was thought to have ever successfully escaped the maximum-security facility. One fine morning, wardens discovered the disappearance of 3 inmates. Did the inmates make it out of Alcatraz Island braving the unforgiving currents or did they perish into the dark waters of San Francisco Bay?

Relive and uncover the last moments of the inmates and take on the journey to escape from Alcatraz using your analytical thinking, logical reasoning and observational skills.

For this, we made it out 5 minutes after an hour, and with a hint! We got so stuck at the front hahaha and this room is really cool cause you are literally behind bars haha got the prison feel!! So fun as well, and I solved quite a bit feel so proud of myself!! 

Lost SG has three more escape rooms!! They have 5 in total, check them out HERE! I didn't have to chance to try all, but do head down to try the different escape rooms and then tell me how was it! If you want something scarier, choose the Aokigahara, where the room is a jungle!!!

Review from Jolene
"YEY! Thanks @kaitinghearts for bringing us to play @lostsingapore! We conquered Exodus and it was really quite an experience! Would highly recommend u guys to try! It's been fun! Of course the company must be right!"

Review from Ming Shuang:
"WE DID IT WHEEEEE!!!! #Lostsg Played two rooms today~ Exodus and Alcatraz☺️ thanks @kaitinghearts for the invite!!!!! I must say this is one of the better "escape" rooms I've been to cuz the things are all in working condition and it's so cool like how everything is sensor-activated?! Like I seriously thought people outside were like watching us from the camera to unlock the next clue when we got it right. WILL GO AGAIN! Who wanna go!!!!"

 It costs $20.90 per pax during non-peak hours (weekdays 11am-5.30pm) and $26.90 per pax during peak hours (weekdays from 6pm, weekends and public holidays). During peak period, for players with less than 7 pax, there may be regrouping (joining groups) for increased game engagement and fun! You can also opt to pay for 7 pax to book the whole room.

It is recommended that you book the room first before heading down to ensure that the room will be available for you and your friends! Head over to Lost SG to make an online booking HERE now!

Okay here're the details for the GIVEAWAY!
1. Follow @lostsingapore on Instagram
2. Comment (on my giveaway picture) which game you want to play and why
3. Tag 4/5 friends because you get to bring them along if you win!

Here's introducing the smart people who made it to the Legends wall:

The dancer couple Jolene Crosses and Kenneth Kwang!!! 

 The sweetie couple Ming Shuang and Ben!

And of course yours truly, the hhll couple Kaiting and Ken

Ken took a picture with Ivan (co-founder of Lost Sg) as well! #fellowpropertyagent

This is the LEGENDS wall where only groups/pairs who made it out the room without any clues and within the time limit of an hour get featured!!! So little groups, only these few out of a whole wall of Polaroids!! 

Here's the wall of Polaroids! Picture taken from Lost SG's instagram.

AND.. WE MADE IT UP HERE MUAHAHAHA! Escaped in 57 minutes!!! So proud of us! *inserts cool shades emoji*

Yay we really had lots of fun! Thank you Lost Sg for the invite! Like them on Facebook www.facebook.com/thelostsg for updates! Now there's another place for you to head down with your friends for some fun and bonding time!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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