The Comb Hair Studio

I visited The Comb Hair Studio expecting a really good experience and... they didn't disappoint!

Located at 12 Gemmil Lane with such a pretty storefront, they're not hard to find at all!
Parallel parking lots are available right outside; remember to put coupon. Otherwise, it's a short walk from Telok Ayer mrt, use Google Maps to route.

Upon entering, I was greeted by the lovely interior ambience as well as the pretty ladies. Then I was offered this menu to choose a preferred beverage that I would like to have.

The beverage menu was so tempting that I had a hard time contemplating what to drink. Life of an indecisive girl hahaha. I chose my favourite fragrant earl grey tea in the end!

Selfie before we start anything~

Senior stylist Bella was serving me, and she asked what service I would like to try out. I decided to go with colouring of my hair, because my black roots had grown out and looked very ugly in contrast with my orangey brown hair. After dyeing my hair bright red the past two times, this time round I decided to go for a darker colour so that when my black roots grow out I don't have to worry about my hair being very ugly!

When I mentioned this to Bella, she recommended me this dye that they have: without ammonia. This means that the dye will not stink! I'm sure we all know how the usual hair-dyes all have a certain kind of chemical smell. This Inoa brand of hair-dye is so much healthier for the scalp compared to the harsh chemicals of the usual dye.

Haven't had black/dark hair in AGES!
I had such a good time here because Bella made me feel so welcomed, she chatted with me and all. I told her I learnt a bit of Korean but could barely hold a conversation in Korean with her hahaha. I also had such a good massage when I was getting my hair washed. Almost fell asleep I love massages so much! As a finishing touch, Bella even helped me trim off my grass ends of my hair! 

TADA~~~ Super not used to my dark hair now! But still love it a lot! 
Thank you Bella, thank you The Comb!!!
Two pictures to show the different colour in different lightings, photos are not edited at all. Taken with my camera in auto-mode, which explains the different colours when the camera adjusts to the lighting automatically.

I actually asked for a dark brown colour, which turned out a bit dark/black but I like it this way because after a few days of washing it will fade! By then I'll have the perfect shade of brown! And also, if the brown is too light it defeats the purpose of my dyeing my hair because I don't want my black roots to be obvious haha.

The Comb Hair Salon also provides many other services, including perming, styling, hair/scalp treatment and such. If you're looking for a lovely ambience to enjoy while you get your hair done by professionals, do head over to The Comb!

12 Gemmil Lane Singapore 069252
Call 6438 3138 to make a reservation!
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xoxo, kaitinghearts

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