ETUDE HOUSE Pink Skull Collection

Get your glam on this Halloween with the limited edition ETUDE HOUSE Pink Skull Collection because this trick-or-treat season is falling for a different kind of girl!

Edgier and funkier with a touch of sweetness, ETUDE HOUSE Pink Skull Collection consists of eyeshadow palettes, cream blushers, mascaras, lip tints, nail colours, nail art stickers and fragrances that will bring out a different side of you.

Pink Skull Colour Eyes
This 9-color eye shadow palette comes in two variations, Lovely Skull and Funky Skull, both consisting of a good mix of muted pinks, reds, browns, shimmer and monochrome. The soft texture and formulation of the eyeshadow closely adheres to skin and allows the colours to stay on for long hours.

#1 Lovely Skull (top) (Shades L-R: Twinkle Pink, Antique Brown, Romantic Brown, Lovely Pink, Sugar Skull Pink, Velvet Brown, See-through Beige, Rose Pink Brown and Leather Brown)
#2 Funky Skull (bottomw) (Shades L-R: Romantic Plum Beige, Vintage Rose Beige, French Metal Brown, Skull Pink, Kissing Red, Funky Brown, Pendant Pink, Velvet Red, Chalker Black.)
Price / Vol: SGD 25.90 / 1g x 9

Pink Skull Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara 
This limited-edition Pink Skull version of the popular ETUDE HOUSE Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara comes in a new Funky Brown shade in addition to the original black shade, and Long Lash version to give your peepers a softer, sweeter yet amped up look. The mascara features a dual-jelly brush that colours the lashes densely and provides 24-hour long-lasting colour. In addition, the formula is also smudge and water-proof.

Variations: Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara Defining Black, Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara Funky Brown (New!), Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara Long Lash
Price / Vol: SGD 24.90 / 8g

Pink Skull Cream Blusher
With a texture akin to whipped cream, the moisturising Pink Skull Cream Blusher will add just the right amount of flush you need to give your cheeks while keeping it matte and smooth. To apply, simply tap the colour gently onto the apples of your cheeks with the puff provided.
Shades: #1 Skull Rose, #2 Funky Pink
Price / Vol: SGD 15.90 / 1g x 9

Pink Skull Twin Shot Lips Tint
ETUDE HOUSE Pink Skull Twin Shot Lips Tint dispenses two tints of different colours and textures – a matte mousse tint and a moisturizing glossy liquid tint shot for vivid coloured lips. The different textured tints will blend beautifully to reveal a sensuous gradient effect for the perfect luscious pout to complete your Pink Skull look.

Shades: (top) PK003 Pink X Pumpkin Shot
(bottom) RD304 Funky X Skull Shot
Price / Vol: SGD 23.90 / 5 g X 2.5 g

Pink Skull Play Nail
Featuring a colour spectrum consisting of pink, black, red, grey, and glitter shades, the Pink Skull Play Nail series can be used to complete a variety of looks and moods to add a touch of sweetness, edginess or sparkly glam.
Price / Vol: SGD 5.90 / 8ml

Pink Skull Play Nail Sticker
Playing up the design of your nails has never been easier or more fun. The Pink Skull nail sticker collection features chic skull designs, letterings, blinged up patterns and real jewel stones. Just paint, dry, stick and you are ready to go!
Variations: #1 Sparkly Boss Skull, #2 Chic Boss Skull
Price: SGD 4.90/ packet

Pink Skull Colorful Scent Eau de Perfume
The Pink Skull girl is sweet, lovely yet provocative and we have got just the right fragrance for her in the form of the Pink Skull Colorful Scent Eau De Perfume. Each spray is a combination of sweet berry and floral scents, with an empowering base of musk and sandalwood.

Did my makeup at the Etude House Life is Sweet Carnival with their new Pink Skull collection! Not only did we catch the launch of the new Pink Skull collection, we also watched the k-pop dance performances, fashion shows, played mini games, collecting stamps to redeem goodie bags!

With the ladies of our #SlaySquadSix! Thank you Etude House and Touch PR for having us!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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