Love & Co - Lovemarque Diamond Launch

Premier jeweller Love & Co. is pleased to announce that they are the Asia’s first retailer to partner with the International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research (IIDGR); a De Beers group company, to launch the new Lovemarque Diamond which strengthens its offerings in the wedding engagement category.

Here we are at Chijmes where the launch was held, posing with this gorgeous car! Don't we all look romantic in pastels? Read on to see the models strutting down the walkway showcasing beautiful jewellery pieces with the Lovemarque diamonds! I also checked if my own diamond ring was real...

With the Lovemarque diamond, Love & Co. introduces a new standard of diamond grading which goes beyond the traditional 4Cs of Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat to bring the fifth C – Confidence. Each Lovemarque Diamond bears the inscription of the Love & Co. exclusive Rose Hallmark and IIDGR’s unique ID number. The inscriptions are completely invisible to the naked eye, made possible with IIDGR’s proprietary inscription technology.

Part of the world’s leading diamond company and combining 120 years of diamond industry experience with the innovative technology solutions developed in-house at De Beers, IIDGR has a rich heritage and provides accurate and consistent assessment services for naturally occurring diamonds in laboratories based in the United Kingdom, India and Belgium. On top of a certificate issued by IIDGR, each diamond will carry the independent approval of the Société Générale de Surveillance which ensures compliance with the most stringent international diamond grading standards.

Each Lovemarque diamond is stringently and responsibly sourced. Cut to perfection by master craftsmen with over a decade of experience, each Lovemarque diamond attains the highest cut grade – Excellent by IIDGR and achieves the highest grade – Ultimate for light performance, independently assessed by Sarine Technologies in accordance to four parameters – brilliance, sparkle, fire and light symmetry

Committed to quality and excellence, Love & Co. also conducts rigorous checks of 50 additional parameters to ensure that the stringent standards of the Lovemarque diamond are met.

Among the wide array of exquisite Lovemarque diamond jewellery that were showcased during the event, one of the key highlights included a 25.38 ct Lovemarque necklace – the Eternal Voyage, an opulent masterpiece of flawless and the finest craftsmanship.

These gorgeous models showcased the new Lovemarque diamonds and jewellery, donning bridal gowns from The Proposal Bridal as well as suits from Benjamin Barker.

As part of the Lovemarque diamond launch, Love & Co. showcased a 28-carat diamond rough specially imported from Antwerp, Belgium, the most transparent and strictly controlled diamond trade center in the world. Lovemarque Diamonds are responsibly and ethically sourced, adhering to the World Diamond Council Kimberley Process. Only the finest diamond roughs can be cut and polished to become a Lovemarque diamond.

Checking if my diamond ring was real HAHA of course it passed the test, it was from Soo Kee Jewellery themselves! This instrument is used as an initial test for the light sensitivity and reflection in a diamond; which differs between a real diamond and a lab-grown diamond.

If you still didn't know, Soo Kee Jewellery, Love & Co, and SK Jewellery are all under Soo Kee Group! Ken and I are a big supporter because they have really nice and quality jewellery!

My engagement ring was from Soo Kee Jewellery (my heart diamond picked by Soo Kee Group lady boss herself when Ken went down to get it) and our wedding bands are from SK Jewellery. More pictures of my engagement ring and our wedding bands on my Dayre HERE. The Lovemarque diamond from Love & Co. is so exquisite though; if it had launched earlier I may have made Ken get that for me instead hehe JUST KIDDING!

Photos with my Ken, Mrs Lim (Soo Kee Group 老板娘), as well as my squad. The rose in the middle is actually a musical box and it's SO PRETTY! I believe the rose is a preserved rose and it will turn while music is played after winding the box. Makes for a perfect ornament! Thank you Touch PR and Love & Co. for having us!

xoxo, kaitinghearts


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  2. I like this information Thanks for sharing this. I would like to these articles and I have confusion but I read your news and I easy understood
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  3. I like this information Thanks for sharing this. I would like to these articles and I have confusion but I read your news and I easy understood
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