Sample Store Shoppers' Paradise

Attended Sample Store's Shoppers' Paradise event and had a ball of fun stocking up on samples (what else!) and tried out many interesting new products!

This year, Sample Store's event was held at Waterway Point, and we had our influencers gathering Waterway Point's Party Room located in the mall itself, right beside the water area for the kids. Super convenient for a fun day out with your family, and very suitable to hold your kid's birthday party there!

At the Beauty Keeper booth! I've actually blogged about sample store before HERE where I've included an introduction about Beauty Keeper, so do hop over to take a look.

The mountain of goodies I got from the Sample Store Shoppers' Paradise event!

The goodies from Beauty Keeper! Userism's Bright Whitening Ultra-Water Facial Mask is one of my favourite, which brightens skin vitality and locks in water with its moisturizing magnets. Another product which caught my eye is Phytopia's Stretch Marks Remover Synergy, which smooth texture enhances softness, improves appearance and reduce discoloration at the same time. You can check out for more!

Moving on, I also got some Padeve herbal sanitary pads! These pads are made of premium quality to ensure comfort throughout the day. All their products give off a pleasant and mild herbal scent that helps to kerb the unpleasant odour from our period.

They even had reviews that these herbal sanitary pads help to reduce menstrual cramps during your time of the month! Retailing affordably with free postage, it's definitely a must-have for us ladies! Wanna try it out first? Request for a sample from them HERE!

Do you remember the times when delicious food just taste better with a bubbly drink? Relive that moment with the new Juscool range of sparkling rink, the latest innovation from Yeo's! Juscool Sparkling drinks are lightly carbonated and made with real fruit juice!

With less sugar content and less calories as compared to regular carbonated drinks, Juscool is available in 6 different fruity flavours! A healthier choice to refresh yourself.

Beaute Hub is an award-winning spa and skincare specialist in Singapore dedicated to customers' beauty needs and well being enhancement. The beauty center offers a very wide and diverse range of services including body contouring and slimming, skincare and spa for total relaxation. They have a wide range of treatments suitable for ladies and men, do head over to take a look!

Thank you Sample Store for having me over at the Shoppers' Paradise event!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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