Haddrell's of Cambridge UMF Certified Manuka Honey - Hive to Table

This month, Nature's Farm introduces the refreshed look of Haddrell's of Cambridge, revealing a new packaging of the brand's renowned Manuka Honey. Established in 1993, Haddrell's of Cambridge has been a strong forerunner in producing the highest quality Manuka honey through natural and environmentally sustainable methods.

The brand has also recently launched a line of UMF 16+ Manuka Honey Lozenges in three different flavours to add to its existing range of honey produce. I attended the launch event and gained valuable knowledge on the importance of the UMF certification of Manuka Honey!

Here's our shot with the beekeeper present at the event at Cafe Melba!

Haddrell's of Cambridge was founded with the vision of becoming one of New Zealand's Premium Manuka Honey Bee Keepers by way of producing 100% natural bee products, made to the highest standards, using New Zealand honey and environmentally sustainable methods.

This month, Nature's Farm is introducing the NEW packaging of the brand's prestigious Manuka honey. Their range of Manuka honey available is as such:
Manuka Honey UMF 5+ : 500g (S$76.50), 1kg ($148)
Manuka Honey UMF 10+ : *Coming soon in 500g and 1kg jars*
Manuka Honey UMF 13+ : 500g (S$127.45), 1kg ($249.90)
Manuka Honey UMF 16+ : 500g (S$145.45), 1kg ($285.90)
Manuka Honey UMF 20+ : 500g (S$205)

Look at this beautiful honey bee cake!

Did you know that Manuka honey comes from the nectar collected from the Leptospermum Scoparium tree which is native to New Zealand? The commercialization of the properties of Manuka Honey led to the development of an industry group called the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association (UMFHA) in 1997. The purpose of the UMFHA was to investigate the unique properties found in Manuka honey and to establish industry standards.

Organizations that are licensees to the UMFHA are required to test every batch of honey to prove it meets the criteria for each grade of Manuka honey. The UMF number indicated on the Manuka Honey product indicates the purity and quality of the Manuka Honey, a reflection of the unique compounds present in the honey.

Thus be rest assured that the Haddrell's of Cambridge Manuka Honey which you can get at Nature's Farm stores in Singapore, is indeed honey of superior quality. Try their Manuka Honey lozenges too which helps to sooth sore throats and coughs!

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