Lush Aesthetics RFX Deep Beauty Treatment

Today I went over to Lush Aesthetics for a sponsored treatment!

LUSH delivers award-winning results from effective and quality aesthetic treatments. They listen to the needs of every individual, meeting those needs with effective and quick results while maintaining high levels of safety in their procedures. At LUSH, they create all your most beautiful moments.

Lush Aesthetics is actually famous for quite a multitude of services, including their teeth whitening and fat freeze! Today, I'm here for their deep beauty RFX treatment! During an hour's treatment, the collagen layers in my face are stimulated and tightened, working towards a flawless and timeless complexion! 

- Targets Jawline, Cheeks and Double Chin for the V-Shaped Facial Contour
- Reduces wrinkles, expression lines and loose skin; Redefines facial contour 
- Uses revolutionary electro regenerative monopolar radiofrequency technology to reach the deepest layers beneath the skin for stimulating and tightening of collagen layers 
- Alters skin elasticity, increases metabolism and stimulating cellular generation activity to give you the tight, firm, lifted and younger looking skin. 
- Revitalizes and rejuvenates aged and saggy skin
- Non-Invasive with NO downtime
- Immediate visible results
- Comfortable, Safe and effective treatment

To read more about my treatment, head over HERE, where you also can take a look at the other treatment that Lush Aesthetics offers!

The reason I chose this treatment was because I always hate it that I have such a round face! So I opted specifically for the v-shape face treatment. This is my 'before' photo!

The whole process was painless as promised, but there may be slight discomfort due to heat applied to face. The treatment process will start out with cleansing, then heat is applied to the designated areas and it gradually gets hotter. However, the heat is bearable and you can always ask them to stop for awhile or reduce the heat if it really gets too hot for your face.

Or you can just tolerate it because it's really not painful, just close your eyes and sleep it off! I was dreaming of stuff and the heat didn't really bother me until I went to THINK about the heat hahaha. And also, the heat not only tightens skin, it burns fats away as well!!! So the hotter it gets the more satisfied I was HAHA BURN ALL THE FATS!

Promotional Offer

Only $38 for 1 Session of Aesthetic RFX Deep Beauty Face Tightening & Contouring Treatment (U.P. $388)
Only $68 for 2 sessions (U.P. $776)

This is taken right after the treatment, with messy hair and no downtime at all! The results are not very obvious because it's only one session. But I can tell there's a difference because one side of my face was done first, and then I was given a mirror to compare; and I could really see the difference! The treatment really made my face slimmer and I could see that my skin around my cheeks to chin area were tighter.

Thank you Lush Aesthetics for giving me a more v-shape face just after a session of the RFX Deep Beauty treatment!
Call Lush Aesthetics at 67374964 / 67332431 to make an appointment, and they're located at
19 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Shopping Centre, #06-11, Singapore 247909.
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xoxo, kaitinghearts

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