La Ristrettos @ Novena

Nestled along a cozy corridor at the 8th floor of Novena Medical Centre, La Ristrettos is a place where you will be able to enjoy good food and good coffee in a comfortable ambience.

People mainly come here for their coffee, as they are the the sole distributor of Cafe Agust Beans - Organic & Certified FairTrade 100% Arabica Beans. But me, I love their food!

La Ristrettos is located at 10 Sinaran Drive, #08-37 Novena Medical Centre, Singapore 307506.
Outdoor seatings are available as well if you prefer the cooling air outside. My friends and I actually frequent this place since it opened in 2012, and their food/coffee has always been up to standard!

Flat White, $5.50
I'm not an avid coffee lover, and the times when I feel like drinking coffee I will always order flat white. Because I love milk! This cup of flat white did not disappoint as well.

Linguine Alle Vongole, $13.90
Linguine pasta tossed in clam, white wine, garlic, chili, parsley and olive oil.
This was pretty good because it was not too spicy for my tastebuds! However, I thought it was slightly bland. I enjoyed the clams; would recommend if you like clams.

Breakfast Bruschetta, $15
Honey baked ham, tomato, spinach, chicken breast, pancetta, poached egg on sour dough.
Wow this looks good right! It was! The chicken was tender and tasteful, accompanied by the yummy sour dough (that wasn't sour but idk why it's called sour dough haha) that is my favourite bread! 

Close up of the goodness! Didn't get a picture of the oozing egg yolk but I'm sure you've seen enough poached eggs to imagine.

It was a good meal indeed. I think the price range is average for a cafe like this that serves good food. No GST and service charge as well. If you don't feel like drinking coffee/tea, plain water is available as well, self service.

Another thing I love about this place is that it's a nice place for photos!

There are also plenty of ledges to set a camera/phone for self-timer.  

Natural filter courtesy of Indonesia. Haze is pretty bad nowadays. Take care guys, don't stay outdoors for too long!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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