Places for Casual Photoshoot in Singapore

Are you thinking that Singapore is too small and there's nothing fun you can do with your partner/friends? I mean, you've visited Sentosa, USS so many times it's getting boring already. Well, how about exploring new places and taking photos to save as memories? Trust me, it can be pretty fun!

Ken and I have been to quite a few places in Singapore for our own mini photoshoot, so I've decided to compile a list of places in Singapore where couples and friends can head to for a casual photoshoot!

1. Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall
9 Empress Place, Singapore 179556

One of my favourite places for photos because it's air-conditioned and you don't have to face the heat!!! The white walls/structures provide a minimalistic feel for those who have an Instagram feed to maintain.

I love this arch because we fit in the semi-circle nicely!

2. Marina Barrage
8 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018951
Very very windy place! If your hair is the main thing contributing to your perfect look then I wouldn't recommend this place because chances are, your hair will be swept away.

He volunteered to carry me; I didn't asked him to. Hahaha.

3. Bukit Timah Railway Station
5 King Albert Park, Singapore 598287

The address refers to the exact location of the railway station which ceased operations many years ago, and it's pretty ulu inside all the greenery. The photo-worthy place shown here however, is just by the roadside! It acts like an overhead bridge above the road, don't have to walk all the way in.

4. Gilman Barracks
9 Lock Road, Singapore 108937

There are many photo opportunities outside this building too if you're here with a photographer. But because that day we were here alone, there were limited places for me to set my camera, so we only got a few nice photos inside the building itself.

Lights will be turned on at night too, which makes for good photos as well.

5. Pearl's Hill Terrace
195 Pearl's Hill Terrace, Singapore 168976

Just a short 2 minutes walk from Chinatown mrt, you'll have to climb up a flight of stairs to reach this abandoned place which used to be Singapore Police Headquarters.

Lots of abandoned chairs everywhere... I guess we were trying for some hipster shot which didn't work HAHA.

6. Esplanade Rooftop 
1 Esplanade Drive, Singapore 038981

There were many ledges and steps to set my camera on for a good picture I was so happy!

The view of the durian structure is not bad! At least for me lah.

7. The Instagram Tree
Sentul Crescent Road, Singapore 822313

Located alongside Punggol Waterway Park, this place will be a bit tricky to get to. I remember traveling over took so long and we both were perspiring so much cause it was so warm and humid! As usual, Singapore weather.

But, anything for a good photo right? Ken set his camera up and the self timer went off before he reached me so we ended up with a gif of him running towards me hahaha.

8. Emerald Hill Road

Somewhere in Somerset, this stretch of road has ample greenery for beautiful photos. In collaboration with Joseph, my friend/photographer, we shot quite a few photos here. Check out the edited photos I dedicated a blog post to HERE as well as on Joseph's page.

These never made it to the final editing process haha but they weren't exactly my favourites because how can carry Ken and look glam at the same time?! Hahaha.

Ken posted this photo up on Instagram with the caption:
"When you're tired and you stumble, I'll carry you.
But when you get too heavy, get on the treadmill."

9. Lorong Halus

According to wikipedia, Lorong Halus is a road in Pasir Ris, Singapore. The road leads to industrial buildings and farms in Pasir Ris Farmway. It starts from the Tampines Expressway and ends at a pier.

It's a pretty place with beautiful skies and greenery to take pictures!

More photos taken here are in my birthday post HERE.

That's about it! Where else do you think are nice places for photos? I'll probably update this list when we cover more places next time. Feel free to ask me question by dropping me an email: or just leave a comment below.

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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