Cha Thai - Designed & Cooked by Professional Thai Chefs

Located conveniently just 3 minutes away from Telok Ayer mrt, Cha Thai is a place to go for good Thai food, drinks and even dessert!

Featuring this plate of Pad Thai because the owner of Cha Thai is the 5th generation of the family who invented this Pad Thai noodles dish many many years ago!!! AS AUTHENTIC AS IT GETS!!

Spotting a cool interior complete with grills and wooden furniture, you'll be able to find good food alongside good ambience whether you're here for a meal or to chill with friends! Cha Thai is located at 80 Telok Ayer Street #01-01 Singapore 048466, just a short 2 minutes walk from Telok Ayer mrt.

Cha Thai chefs are highly experience in Thai cuisine with Enhance the taste with modern cooking techniques while preserving the traditional taste of Thai cuisine, bringing out the traditional way of Thai. They also select high quality ingredients to bring out the best of Thai cuisine. Ingredients are imported daily to make sure we taste the freshest seafood and meat!

Crispy Prawn Cake, $15
Deep-fried thick juicy prawn meat served with sweet plum sauce. No surprise why this dish was one of the recommended ones from the appetiser menu. Sink your teeth into the delicious juicy prawn meat after dipping in the unique plum sauce!

Papaya Salad, $16
Shredded papaya mixed with carrots, long beans, tomatoes and added with a salted egg on the side. Wait what, papaya and carrot? How does that go well together? You will be surprised, this dish is light and refreshing on the tongue, and the salted egg actually brings forth a burst of flavour. They complement each other very well!

Tom Yum Seafood Noodle, $25
Tom yum noodle dish served with tiger prawn, mussels, fishballs and mushrooms. For the spicy-lover, this is the BOMB! Fresh seafood coupled with the spice to ignite your tastebuds. Unfortunately I can't take spicy food so I only tried a little bit of this, but it was a hot favourite amongst my friends that night. Just order when you're here ok; because which spicy-lover doesn't love Tom Yum!

Pad Thai, $22
Stir-fried noodles with original prawn pad Thai sauce served with green mango on the side. Unlike the usual Pad Thai from the usual Thai store, this is an authentic version from the descendant of the original founder of this very Pad This dish himself. It doesn't have a strong wok-smell and it's actually tasty and freshly light with the scent of the green mango. A MUST-TRY!

Cha Thai Charcoal Toast, $8
Love this so so much!!! The toast is crispy on the outside yet sinks in deliciously after you dip it and put it in your mouth. Would really go back just for this because it's so yummy! Can't decide which one I like more though because I love both Kaya and Thai Tea! I would recommend getting two sets of these for two different dips and ENJOY!

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Thank you Len for having us over! We had a hearty meal and really enjoyed the food!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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