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Do you know that your smile speaks volumes about you? A great smile is instantly winsome and exudes confidence and dependability! So what makes for a great smile? Other than smiling with your heart, there are certain aspects that help with creating your perfect smile! 

At Jesselton Dental Centre, your dentist is well-trained to guide you through the best options available to create that beautiful smile you’ve always desired. Follow me to read more on my consultation at Jesselton Dental Centre!

Jesselton Dental Centre offers a variety of solutions for you to create the perfect smile! Creating a beautiful smile involves different aspects of dentistry: teeth-whitening, crowns and bridges, veneers, direct resin restorations, implants and orthodontics.

The clinic is very clean and has a comfortable ambience! It felt very welcoming and coming from me, that's something; because I have hated visiting the dentist since I was young. I did my braces a few years back (yay to straight teeth!) so it's time to let my fiancé Ken check out his gnashes.

Here is Ken telling Dr Amos about his teeth condition! Along with the many staff at the dental centre, Dr Amos is also very friendly and approachable. He listens to our problems and checks our teeth before providing advice and treatment plans for us to choose from.

Ken has a gap between his teeth and Dr Amos explained that it was because of an extra piece of meat/gum there which prevents his teeth from closing the gap. Other than treating our immediate teeth problems, Dr Amos and his team at Jesselton Dental Centre also provides additional useful information teaching us how to prolong the best aspects of our smile/teeth!

This was done to snap a photos of Ken's teeth as a "before" photo so we can compare next time after his treatment. Because of this gap, Ken lacks the confident to smile with his teeth in photos. Really hope Jesselton can help him close the gap and let him smile confidently! Stay tuned and I'll lead you through the process of getting Ken's perfect smile with Jesselton Dental Centre!! :)

Jesselton Dental Centre provides many other aesthetic dentistry services as well, such as teeth-whitening and changing the shape/size of your teeth.

Teeth-Whitening such as In-Office Teeth-Whitening and Customized ‘Take-Home’ Teeth-Whitening Kits lighten the colour of your teeth. The often popular Customised Teeth-Whitening allows you to obtain that whiter smile at your own leisure and convenience, in the comfort of your own home! Patients love the hassle-free, touch-ups that can be done periodically at their convenience, with additional whitening gels easily obtainable from our practice. If your concern is not just the colour of your teeth but about the shape or size of your teeth, Porcelain Veneers or Direct Resin Veneers are options that can be considered too.

Cosmetically-Focused Orthodontics is an invaluable tool in Aesthetic Dentistry. It is essentially short-term orthodontic treatment that focusses only on the alignment of the Upper and Lower Front Teeth (termed as the Social Six) and does not involve the bite. This makes Veneers and necessary Crowns more conservative as little tooth structure will have to be removed to establish an attractive smile arc.

So there you have it, want to have a nice perfect smile to turn heads while you walk? Head down to Jesselton Dental Centre today! They are located at 9 Scotts Rd #06-05 Pacific Plaza Singapore 228210. Drop them a call at +65 6734 2234 to make your appointment and start your journey to a great smile!

Meanwhile, check out our short mannequin challenge on Jesselton Dental Centre's Instagram page HERE!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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