OneTwo Kitchen - Korean BBQ & Cheesy Goodness

Craving for some authentic Korean food? Nowhere else to be than OneTwo Kitchen, the Korean restaurant of BBQ and Cheesy goodness opened by Koreans themselves!

Just looking at the cheese here makes me hungry for more... I'm sure many of you will enjoy this spicy cheese goodness! Read on if you're salivating just thinking of the delicious meat on a BBQ grill.

OneTwo Kitchen is located at 4 Kim Tian Road Singapore 169245 and it's just a short walk away from Tiong Bahru mrt! Parking lots are available nearby as well so it's really convenient to head down. 

The chicken with a lovely spread of cheese before it started melting. The chicken was already cooked and ready for consumption, and we were only waiting for the cheese to melt so we can enjoy that cheesy goodness! I struggled with the spiciness (because I am very bad at taking spicy food) but I can't stop putting more into my mouth because it was that delicious!

Ready the meat for the grill! We tried a variety of their beef and pork and they are all very delicious! When you visit OneTwo Kitchen, choose their BBQ set as well as their spicy cheese chicken (as pictured above) and you will not be disappointed! Furthermore, their staff will help to BBQ your meat and present it on plates when it's ready, so you don't have to do any cooking by yourself. Just wait for food to be served! I LOOOOVE IT.

One thing I really like about OneTwo Kitchen (besides the delicious food) is their cozy and airy ambience Now I say airy because usually in a BBQ area, it will tend to get stuffy and hot with all the smoke and smell. However, OneTwo Kitchen's restaurant is ready with an exhaust suction pipe over every table to suck away the smoke! NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT STINKY HAIR & CLOTHES AFTER A GOOD MEAL OF KOREAN BBQ!

Seafood Pancake, $23
Found this very average and a tad too dry.

 Glass Noodles, $16
Wew this has got to be my favourite! Not only because I love really glass noodles, but because this dish was prepared so well with the mix of ingredients! Slices of fish cakes with beansprouts and more vegetables. One of the less sinful dishes.

Steamed Egg, $8
Found this a tad too bland and tasteless, even though I usually like steamed egg. Wouldn't recommend this.

Soya Sauce Chicken, $34
Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, really a dish I'll recommend! They do have the boneless ones in their menu though which I didn't get to try but have heard raving reviews of. Afterall, who doesn't love the ease of eating boneless chicken.

Guess how many refillable side dishes OneTwo Kitchen provides? EIGHT! As per Korean's dining tradition, all Korean restaurants in Korea provides side dishes for customers to go along with their main dishes. These are usually complimentary and refillable.

It's also nice to know that all the side dishes available at OneTwo Kitchen are homemade by the chef and owner himself, accurately preserving the essence of his Korean style. These side dishes are subjected to slight chances daily, but you don't have to worry because they are all very delicious! My favourite has got to be the potato salad! Not the customary kimchi because I don't really dig sour food.

Flash this blog post or my Instagram post HERE to the staff at OneTwo Kitchen to get 10% off your total bill! Keep up with menu additions on OneTwo Kitchen's Facebook page as well! :) Thank you OneTwo Kitchen for having me over, I enjoyed my meal in good company with my fellow bloggers! 

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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