BelowVal Property Portal - Find Affordable Houses Efficienty

Newly launched Property Website provides home seekers a more efficient and effective way to find affordable houses. The portal focuses on Rental, HDB and Private properties which are to be transacted on a more urgent nature.

Join me on the media launch of belowVal where I got to learn how the improvised the process of finding houses as well as selling them!

The urgent sale of properties is often triggered by unforeseen circumstances like relocation, migration, family changes or foreclosure, etc. belowVal recognizes the increase demand for a fast turnaround of properties during urgent situations and wants to help agents, home owners and home seekers match their requirements more efficiently through verified ads.

Why is it called belowVal? It literally means below valuation! But why do people want to sell their property off at a price below valuation? Well, that's where the usefulness of this portal comes in. There are many people who needs to urgently sell of their property due to a number of reasons (bankruptcy, migrating overseas, divorce, etc) thus they are willing to let go at a more affordable price. This is when home buyers will be able to clinch a good deal! That's why it's called belowVal!

The urgent sale of properties are often lost in the thousand of listings in other property websites and thus these affordable homes are eventually bought over by institutions like law firms, estate trustees and other distressed funds. The website lists the latest below valuation properties with the promise of no messy clutter and thousand listings but just genuine below valuation properties to help every homeowner in need.

In a similar review by Kaviel, we can see that the portal belowVal actually provides an easy-to-use, streamlined user interface with no fake/repeated listings.

Every listing is proven to be authentic before going up on belowVal. Thus, you don't have to worry that some agents are just incorrectly 'fishing' for buyers!

Happy shot with the pretty girls Joanna and Silver!

Now if the words bore you, let me summarize, the reasons to list your property on belowVal.

- belowVal lists ONLY below valuation properties
Your urgent property sale won't get lost in the thousands of listings, wasting time and effort. At belowVal, only genuine below valuation cases are reflected. It provides and assurance to buyers that these properties are genuinely below valuation, and are not there as a plot to trap for customer leads.

- belowVal takes out the clutter and show listings in a clean and simple platform
Navigating certain property sites could be a pain especially if one has to go through thousands of listings. belowVal works because there are no thousands of listings, no messy clutter, just specific genuine below valuation properties for sale.

- Using belowVal is easy and simple
Customers will be updated with the latest below valuation properties as home owners post them up on belowVal. Interested home seekers will then connect directly with home owners or agents to find out more. It's a streamlined process!

- belowVal attracts genuine buyers interested in below valuation properties
It's a specific target market which benefits both sellers and buyers alike! If you are urgently trying to get rid of your property, you will reduce the price. You won't be wasting your time talking to buyers who are 'window shoppers' who take a long time in making a decision.

- Selling to real buyers and not big property players
Sometimes, ready estate trustes, law firms and big property players are the only ones you can sell to when you really have an urgent need to sell your property. Instead of letting big property players profit, why not sell your house to real genuine buyers who are sincere. By using belowVal, you speed up your selling process and benefit buyers who are genuinely looking for a more affordable house!

Now you know where to find affordable houses easily and efficiently! Cheers!
Also, if you're planning to sell/buy/rent any property, feel free to contact my partner Ken, who's a property agent as well. He has already been awarded Top Producer at his company for a few months and counting, and is familiar with Singapore's real estate market to provide professional help! Contact him at 92774372.

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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