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NEW at Expressions: SALMON EGG V-FACE TREATMENT! Filled with nourishing goodness, salmon eggs (yes, the salmon roe that we eat) enables our skin to become young again by greatly reducing wrinkles and fine lines!

I had a go for this facial and wowwww the results are amazing!! Even more amazing than my previous Spider Gold facial, and you'll see why.

Utilising more than 10 natural ingredients exclusively extracted from the Alaska egg roe stem cell and Expressions's cutting-edge technology, this special formulation delivers instant-lifting, anti-wrinkle and whitening effects to resurface and restore radiance and brightness by removing dead skin cells.

Here’s the story: One fine day in a hatchery in Norway, workers were found to have hands that appeared much smoother and younger looking than the rest of their skin. Soon, it was discovered that it was a result of the long term submerging of their hands in the cold water filled with the enzyme left after the baby salmon escaped from their eggs. When the enzyme is released naturally during hatching, it gently dissolves the eggshell so the baby salmon can swim away unharmed.

A study published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, revealed that the salmon roe enzyme tackles dead skin cells, helps to reduce the effects of irritated or peeling skin. Unlike chemical acids that indiscriminately digest both dead and living cells, the enzyme targets only dead cells. This is the game-changer for exfoliation of the sensitive skin!

After the salmon egg is spread onto my skin, the mask is applied. My skin absorbs the nutrients of the salmon roe and mask so quickly because I generally have dry skin. For an average human face, only 2-3 salmon egg is needed for a full experience of its benefits. Too much of it will not be that effective as well, depending on each individual's skin.

This is the initial stage of the masking where it is still clearly visible. After a few minutes, the mask and its nutrients will be absorbed into the skin, and will be 'blended' into the face.

My beautician helping to smooth the mask on my face. I love how at Expressions, all the beauticians that have helped me along in my facial or body services sooooo nice and experienced! They are open to any suggestions and will always ask if I'm feeling comfortable. And it's not because they know I'm a blogger; I know a few people who went there as paying customers and they always have positive reviews. You'll have to try yourself to find out!

After approximately 20-30 minutes, the mask is ready to be removed. By then, my skin has already finished absorbing the nutrients from the mask, and the mask was stuck to my face like a second skin. After the mask was removed, MY SKIN WAS FEELING SO TIGHT! But yet when I touch it, it was so smooth and hydrated, and it felt like I had baby skin once again.

Expressions' Salmon Egg facial has cutting edge wrinkles and fine lines solutions, which I experienced first-hand. After the mask, I could feel that my skin was so much more taut and elastic! True to what I mentioned from the start, salmon egg has exfoliating properties where dead skin cells will be removed. This will thus increase skin's smoothness and radiance, as well as strengthen skins cells and regeneration system!

Achieving the v-face look and tightening the skin around my jaw and neck area, with the help of the PhytoStem Cell Face Lifting Serum! I saw first-hand results for this one, because the beautician did my left side of my face and let me see the difference before finishing up the right side. The most obvious lifting was seen at my neck area, where it seemed like a huge amount of sagging skin was lost!

This PhytoStem Cell serum activates the function of stem cells and improves skin problems. It is also effective in restoring youthful skin, diminishing fine lines & wrinkles by stimulating collagen synthesis while hydrating and brightening skin. 

Expressions latest breakthrough in skincare comes from organic phyto plant palm stem cell. It has amazing anti-aging, renewal, anti-wrinkles benefits for different skin types. With the stem cell’s miraculous ability at sustainable self preservation, Australia scientist researchers were able to pinpoint the existence of youth prolonging stem cells and utilize them for topical application. Plant stem cells also aids easy absorption into skin, restoring youthful vitality and radiance.

The last step to finish my facial treatment was this rose petals mask. IT WAS SO FRAGRANT! Cooling to the touch, it was to stabilise my skin and lock in the nutrients and moisture that my skin has absorbed.

The difference between this salmon egg facial and the spider gold facial is mainly what each facial provides. Both has lifting and tightening features, but salmon egg facial is mainly more for exfoliation of dead skin cells, pumping more nutrients into the skin and adding on smoothness and elasticity to the skin. Spider gold facial focuses more on lightening pigmentation and anti-aging, whitening and skin renewal. Both facial treatments has their benefits and honestly both are really good! So whichever treatment you choose, it's bound to be the right choice.

Give your mum the ageless skin, pamper her with this elixir salmon egg facial! Results guaranteed after just one session!

$28 Salmon Egg-V Face Treatment UP $280 (60 mins)
$38 Salmon Egg-V Face Treatment UP $380 (90 mins)
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The 90-minutes exclusive facial treatment involves exfoliation, light extraction, vapors steaming Salmon Eggs V-face mask and the CromoRay for free radical. Click HERE to get their service voucher and experience the wonder of a facial treatment at Expressions!

The laugh lines on my face are smoothened out including a little of the fine lines near my eyes. To be honest, my skin is still considered pretty young therefore the results are not that visible. The treatment will be most effective on older skins, where you'll be able to see the signs of aging disappear!

My skin now is so smooth and bouncy! Feels awesome and fresh as well. No wonder they say that you have to look good to feel good! Thank you Expressions for pampering my skin and giving me a chance to share my experience!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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