Shake A Salad for Mum at Sufood Singapore

Remember how you used to make creative Mothers’ Day cards or put up a song for Mum on Mothers’ Day? This Mother’s Day, Sufood has put an innovative spin on what to give our mums. A salad toss with much creative flair, specially prepared by diners when they make reservations this Mother’s Day at all Sufood outlets.

I had a go at it myself, and shook up a delicious salad specially for my mum which she thoroughly enjoyed! You can shake up a complimentary customized salad for your mum too! It's really a fun and meaningful experience.

Sufood is the Number 1 Vegetarian Chain from Taiwan that is renowned for its stylish and innovative cuisine. Using the freshest ingredients and healthy cooking methods, Sufood creates vegetarian cuisine that is delectable and appealing; giving diners affordable quality and a stylish dining experience. Sufood is located at #02-19, Raffles City and Wheelock Place #B2-01.

Available only from 6 - 8 May this weekend, a minimum order of 2 set meals is required to enjoy the complimentary salad. Reservations are also compulsory for this complimentary salad because they have to prepare it for you as it'll be a sweet surprise for your mum!

Customize the salad your mum would love, from salad ingredients that include exotic crystalline ice plants, mixed lettuce, strawberries, pomelo, peaches, deep fried lotus roots, seaweed, dried tomatoes, dried cranberries, almonds, macadamia nuts and a range of various salad sauces.

Here's a breakdown of what is going to happen after you make your reservation:
On the day itself, once you're seated at your table with your mum and/or family members, you can order your meals from the main menu. A review of the menu and food is done below.

Next, stealthily excuse yourself and look for any Sufood staff. With the staff's assistance, you will put on a specially designed apron and push a trolley from the kitchen containing the salad ingredients and equipment needed to do the salad toss. As a finishing touch, add in a little olive oil and salad sauce as shown here!

Place the ingredients that you think your mum will love, into the 'salad shaker' provided and start creating the salad sipmly by shaking it! Shake it up in your style - with a flair, quietly, or dancing to the music in your head. I SHOOK IT LIKE I WAS A BARTENDER HAHAHA.

Photo props will be provided so you and your mother and/or family members can snap a cute picture together!!

The final result was a delicious plate of salad for my mum!!! It was pretty easy for me because I knew what ingredients my mum liked: vegetables, kiwi, a little bit of nuts, some peach, and just a small amount of olive oil and salad sauce. Deeeeeelicious!

Here's a look at Sufood's menu at Raffles City outlet. (click for a clearer view)
They offer a 5 course express set lunch at $21.80++ and their usual 8 course set dinner at $29.80++. It's really worth the money to dine here because their food are delicious and somehow even though 8 course seems like a lot, the portion of each course is appropriately sized and you'll be happily satiated and not feel uncomfortably bloated!

The Sufood Appetizer, $5 
A delectable trio of poached Japanese Yuca root drizzled with a blueberry coulis, a stack of oriental white water snowflake greens and a savoury cherry tomato jelly. We were advised to eat from right to left where the tastes get stronger. A delectable start to the meal. Now, Sufood is a little different from other vegetarian restaurants because no mock meat are made or used in all their dishes, just fresh vegetables!

Rosemary Breadsticks, $3
Freshly baked, home-made rosemary-infused breadsticks, served with a sweet mustard or blueberry dip. Both my mum and I preferred the mustard dip (even though we never liked mustard much) because it goes so well with the breadstick!

My mum so cute, she told me "I must dip the blueberry sauce then you take picture more obvious." That was how we found out that it was a tad too sweet for our liking! Haha. But still a good dip for sweet tooths.

Mushroom Salad, $6
Button and Shitake mushrooms with steamed broccoli and sliced cherry tomatoes glazed in a vinegar dressing. I LOVE MUSHROOMS! This was light and refreshing and the sauce goes so well with the muchrooms!!!

Misto Mushroom Soup, $6
A hearty stew of mixed mushrooms simmered in vegetable stock that delivers a rich and refreshing taste. I found this too vegetable-tasting to my liking, but my mum who loves vegetables enjoyed it.

French Onion & Cheese Soup, $6
 Sweet onions and shredded Mozzarella cheese stewed into a rich-tasting soup topped with toasted baguette. THIS IS THE BOMB! How can onion soup go wrong? I slurped this up so quickly! 

Porcini Pasta, $12
Porcini muchrooms and spaghetti in a mildly spicy, red pepper and jalapeno sauce.

My mum really enjoyed this! By this time both of us were already really full and feeling happily satisfied! My mum said the thing she loves best about this restaurant is that the food that we ate were all healthily prepared, and because of that, you won't feel that the food is too oily and you won't feel 'gelat' as well.

Rainbow Baked Pasta, $14
A classic Italian baked fusilli filled with cauliflower, broccolo, cherry radish, served oven-baked in their signature creamy tomato sauce and topped with a later of melted parmesan cheese.

Well what can I say, as a cheese-lover myself, this appeals to my tastebuds so much! You can taste the cheese in every mouthful of pasta.

We had cute little magnets that can sit on this bird magnet holder! So cute!
Oh right, I didn't take picture of our drinks but they come along in the set menu too! I have Yuzu Chamomile Tea and it was so flavourful. My mum had the Eco-Friendly Coffee and I think it tasted the same as any other coffee hahaha.

Red Bean Dessert with Yam Cubes, $4
Yam cubes served with warm red bean dessert and beautifully garnished with Osmanthus flowers.

A great end to our delicious meal!

Mango Frollino, $5
A flavourful layered cake with fresh mango cubes, blueberry and custard sauce.

I enjoyed every single bite of this dessert and wipe the plated clean even though I was pretty sure my stomach couldn't fit in anymore food. But I've always had a dessert stomach sooooo it's no surprise! This was really good by the way, with the crumbs in the middle layer, delicious! 

 A free print-out of a sweet picture of you and your mum will be presented to you when you're done with your meal during the Mother's Day weekend! Some people think that only vegetarians dine at vegetarian restaurants, and non-vegetarians will not enjoy the food without meat. However, I'm a meat-lover myself but I really enjoyed this meal. Somehow it doesn't taste like you're only eating vegetables. If every meal can be as healthy and delicious as this, I daresay I can live on a diet without meat!

Thank you Sufood Singapore for having my mum and I over! We had such a good time enjoying the ambience and the delicious meal. I would highly recommend you to bring your mum and family there as well!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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