Auolive - Multifunctional Skincare for the Modern Lady

Swiss formulated with natural active ingredients and manufactured in Singapore, Auolive leads the way to discover the true meaning of effective and time-saving skincare for modern busy women, like you and me.

Gone were the days of spending time over multiple steps in a skincare routine and emptying your wallet to buy many different skincare products for different beauty functions. With Auolive, you just need one step in the morning and one step at night! It's perfect for us busy women!

Beautiful drawings from Dora Prints & Goods! I'm so psyched to share Auolive with you because I love it! Friends who know me know that I very rarely take care of my skin with skincare products because there are simply so many products I cannot be bothered. But here comes Auolive to solve all my problems!

Auolive first debuts with a range of premium multi-functional skincare products that are gentle yet powerful enough to protect our face from ageing and provide luxurious skincare fit for a queen. Auolive knows what you need and has successfully formulated a multi-functional skincare solution that fulfills all the essential beauty benefits in just a single bottle.

Some people think they need to spend a lot of time and money on multiple products and beauty steps to see results. At Auolive, however, they believe that less is more. Rather than putting the burden on women to juggle a complicated skincare routine, they believe that it's their revolutionary skincare formulation that should be doing the multi-tasking instead.

Besides cleansing, you will only need 1 skincare step with Day Glower for optimal care and protection for the day, and 1 application of Night Booster for deep nourishment and treatment before bedtime. Eyes Lifter is their signature must-have for the extra care to fight ageing signs around our eyes. Natural beauty is possible with weekly use of Radiance Revealer, with the infused power of Superfruit Pomegranate, you can witness the difference as your face reveals radiance from within.

Auolive's Day Glower is a lightweight, antioxidant moisturiser with six benefits (antiageing, sun protection, brightening, hydrating, nourishing, and a good primer)! This non-greasy moisturizer protects the skin from premature ageing and damage with its defence against UV rays and environmental pollutants. Enriched with a luxurious blend of natural active ingredients, the skin receives the moisture and nourishment it needs to stay soft, supple and healthy. Witness a fair and even skin tone with visible brightening glow!

Night Booster is packed with a high concentration of pure Marine collagen to stave off signs of ageing, plus the beauty benefits you desire - lifting, hydrating, radiance-boosting and contouring. This night treatment is completed with a natural emollient to penetrate into the skin readily for deep nourishment. A unique self-remodelling feature creates and elastic and tightening veil, filling up the skin's surface lines and promoting a lifted and more defined facial contour (say hi to a v-shape face!!). Fall in love with the fuss-free transformation, as skin appears more youthful, radiant, firm and supple!

Bid tired-looking eyes goodbye and say hi to brighter looking eyes! Specially designed with an innovative blend of products, Eyes Lifter targets imperfections and signs of ageing. The multi-functional benefits of this all-in-one invigorating Eye Serum includes energising, lifting and softening wrinkles, fine lines, eye puffiness, eye bags and dark circles.

For more targeted care, Radiance Revealer is recommended. A weekly exfoliator infused with the Superfruit pomegranate, it can refine pores and revive that natural lit-from-within glow in your face instantly. You will be amazed at the difference as your face reveals fresh radiance and hydrated softness!

Auolive's launch was held at Whitegrass restuarant at Chijmes, a very classy and beautiful restaurant! We had a 4-course meal and every dish looks delicate and small but oh it was so delicious! Not to mention my stomach somehow ended up being very contented at the end of it all. Satisfying!

A selfie with the beauty bloggers!

A group shot with the founder of Auolive, Claire!

Good skincare should not be a hassle. Declutter your dressing table now. With Auolive, you can now use the time saved for the other important things in your life. One more unique thing about Auolive is their bottles! The black part looks like it's a cap right? WRONG! It's actually a twist up bottle that is air-tight so that you don't need to worry about losing your cap! It makes the process so much simpler where you can get the product just by twisting and pressing down on it.

Remember, time waits for no one! Debunk beauty myths and choose to see the effectiveness and value of Auolive. It's truly luxurious anti-ageing skincare in a jiffy!

This is a perfect introduction to Auolive natural skincare beauty for first time users. Take a trial on their popular Day Glower & Night Booster and be amazed with their brightening and anti-ageing benefits. Click HERE and scroll down to fill up your particulars! Pst, their samples come in long-necked bottles, not sachets!

Also, when you're satisfied with the samples and would like to get your own Auolive products, you can quote AUOLIVE20KT for $20 off at their e-store!

After a week of using Auolive skincare, I am glad to say that my face is absorbing the products well! I was really excited to try out their products because prior to Auolive, I never had the time or patience to slather skincare products on my face. I just cleanse my face daily and sleep/wake. Thus when I was introduced to Auolive, I knew it was the perfect solution! I'm hooked and I doubt there's any other skincare I can use so conveniently and quickly, for now my skincare routine only takes a minute everyday!

Thank you Auolive for the invitation to this launch party, as well as giving me a chance to really care for my face without compromising on my tight schedule everyday!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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