IPPIN Cafe Bar

Not only serving authentic Japanese meals that taste like you're truly home, IPPIN Cafe Bar is Singapore's first home concept Japanese cafe bar. Every ingredient that tickles your tastebuds is available for sale in their lovely concept store. All products are from Japan and exclusively imported.

I went over to have a taste of their new menu and I absolutely loved it! Read on for my review.

IPPIN Cafe Bar is located at18 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-01 Singapore 238967
You can call to make reservations at +65 6744 4794 or drop them an email at ippin.cafebar@gmail.com! Check out their Facebook page HERE for more details and activities!

Walnuts and sardines, Salmon kelp roll, Seasoned mushroom, $5 each
All these appetisers really did help to kickstart my appetite! I found the salmon kelp roll too fishy for my liking though. The sardine was crispy and fresh whiel the seasoned mushrooms were easy on the tongue.

Rice ball with miso onion, $5
Delicious rice balls that I felt were too small! Perhaps I was already feeling very hungry by then haha. The rice was flavourful and the onion made it more fragrant.

Chawanmushi, $5
Super delicious and it really has the home-cooked feel! Ken says it's the best chawanmushi he's ever had! It's a MUST-TRY!

Stir-fried potato and pork with garlic sauce, $8
Potato-lovers rejoice! Tasty and flavourful, it makes for a good sharing platter.

Omu-rice with Karaage, $18 
Just your usual omelette rice with chicken meat.

Beef with Mushroom sauce and potato salad, $30
This was soooo good and definitely a must-try after the chawanmushi! The mushroom sauce mixes so well with the beef, which was soft and juicy. When you bite down on the beef, the taste explodes in your mouth mmmmhmmm superb!

We got to try their sakes too!

The fruit ranges as shown here are my favourite! I never liked alcohol but these are so tasty! Especially the yuzu flavoured one. Best for a chill night with friends.

We enjoyed our time tasting the new food on the menu as well as the delicious sake! The ambience of the cafe was comfortable and cozy as well, really good for an evening date. Thank you IPPIN Cafe Bar for having us!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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