ASUS ZenFestival: New range of ASUS ZenFone

ASUS ZenFestival celebrates the success of ASUS ZenFone smartphones with celebrity endorser, Michelle Chong!

And yep I had the honour of taking selfies with her up on stage!!! 

ASUS has officially announced the availability of the flagship ZenFone Selfie and 2 other new additions to the ZenFone series, the ZenFone 2 Laser and the Zenfone Go. The smartphones are so competitively priced it's incredible!

Along with ASUS partners and ZenFans, I attended ASUS ZenFestival event as a media invite!

Girls being girls, trying out the new ZenFone selfie!

So here's the price for the Zenfone Selfie! The colors are SO SWEET. Specifications and more details HERE.

 Prices for Zenfone 2 Laser. Affordable right! Specifications and more details HERE.

With a 4GB RAM in the Zenfone 2, you know how much faster your smartphone can go, especially when multitasking.

Fastest smartphone ever, only at $429! Specifications and details HERE.

An overall round-up of prices for the Zenfone models.

As ASUS announced the availability of Zenfone 2 Laser and Zenfone Go in Singapore, here are the special features for these two phones:
Removable battery: first ASUS smartphones with removable batteries
Great connectivity: dual SIM connectivity
Focus at the speed of light: up to 13mp PixelMaster camera with exceptional low-light performance plus rear laser-focus as quick as 0.2 seconds for near-instant shots
Corning Gorilla Glass 4: 2x damage resistance, 2.5x stronger and 85% less likely to break than its predecessor
Simpler, smarter and more peronal: ASUS ZenUI improves Android experience with other 1000 enhancements

Zenny the ASUS Zenfone mascot sneaking out to play! So incredibly cute!

I had the chance to go up stage with 4 other contestants for a chance to win the selfie contest with Michelle Chong!!! So happy she chose me to go up (well I guess it wasn't hard to spot a girl waving frantically in the audience)!!

Well what can I say, I was really excited and happy!!! Check out Michelle Chong's Facebook page where she posted the Story of Kelian video featuring the Zenfone Selfie HERE!

Got ourselves the ASUS Lolliflash, which was a cute flashlight that looks like a lollipop which you can attach to your phone's earphone jack to provide lighting for selfies!

Some more photos taken at the ZenFestival!

Group shot with the 'pioneer generation' bloggers who started blogging close to 10 years ago!

I had so much fun at the ASUS ZenFestival event, and I love Zenny the mascot he's so cute!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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