The Refinery Cafe

A short review of the food at The Refinery cafe.

A table spread with goodness was my enjoyable brunch!

The Refinery is located at 115 King George Avenue, #01-02 Singapore 208561.
It's a short walk down from Lavender mrt station situated on the East-West line. Many public carpark lots are available right outside the cafe.

After entering the sliding doors, you'll welcome the air-conditioned wind (because Singapore's weather is always so hot and humid) alongside the spacious interior. I love the comfortable ambience, complete with soothing background music. 

Flat White, $5
I like their coffee! But Mel found it a little too milky. I thought it was just nice, plus there wasn't any bitter aftertaste.

The white marbled tables are perfect for #onthetable food shots!

Salted Egg Onion Rings, $12
Battered onion rings with salted egg yolk custard sauce.
The salted egg sauce was really super good! Although I think $12 is a too pricey for this portion of onion rings, but we really enjoyed this. Would recommend sharing!

Gyuniku Donburi, $14
 Truffle hon shimeiji mushrooms, tare marinated skirt steak, spring onions, signature 72 degree onsen tamago.

The very yummy-looking onsen egg!!! After mixing everything together, it was a tasteful meal. The beef slices were tender and scrumptious, and the mushrooms do well by adding to the taste of the rice.

Truffled Mushroom Risotti, $18
Truffle cream hon shimeiji mushrooms, arborio rice, parmagiano reggiano, chives.
When we tried this, we found the rice very hard, a little like it's not well-cooked. I mentioned this to the friendly staff and they actually gave us a new plate! Excellent and considerate service!

This dish looks very average and nothing special, but it was actually very good! The rice was infused with the truffle and mushroom flavour, which made every mouth of rice (even without the mushroom) very flavourful. This was of course best experienced with our second (new) plate where the rice was softer. It looks like it's only a small portion, but it was actually very filling.

Then after a hearty brunch meal, we headed outside to snap a few photos! 

Thank you once again to the friendly staff for their upz service, serving us quality food as well as graciously being our photographer! Thank you also to my girls Veronica & Carmel for the early birthday treat!

It's a place I'll definitely revisit! 

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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