Solution to Voluminous-looking Hair: Curls

Back at my trusted hair salon: Artistry Hair Professional! Quote my name for up to 30% off services!

This time round, my hair stylist Elein has done a perm for my hair ends and it turned out super nice! My hair has always been straight and boring, this time round the perm does indeed give my hair the much-needed volume!

Here's Elein hard at work! I didn't take a 'before' photo but please head to my previous post HERE to look at my straight hair to compare if needed. Now, we all know it's absolutely boring to have hair looking so flat on our heads, and many of us 'straight-hair' girls have, at some point of our lives, wanted a little more volume to our hair. I've never tried perming my hair before because I always had the impression that I will look very old! So at first when Elein suggested this, I was feeling a little bit apprehensive as to how it might turn out. But, as always, I knew I could trust Elein with my hair, and viola!

Getting the curls on! Artistry is located at International Plaza #03-32. Drop them a call at 6221 9255 to make your appointment!

My black roots will be touched up as well after the curls are done!

The cool curling machine! After this, Elein did the Mucota ABC treatment for my hair! I blogged about the treatment in my last visit HERE!

TADA~~ Look at the bouncy curls!

Another photo of the same hair but after a little tossing around to give it a different look.

I love how the curls make my hair look bouncier and more voluminous, unlike my usual boring straight hair! 

 Loving my new hair! Remember to quote 'kaiting' when you visit Artistry for a discount!
I highly recommend Headlines for their Mucota scena treatment, which really does wonder for hair! The prices for their services like cut, color, rebonding, curls and all are pretty reasonable as well.

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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