Perfetti Apparel

Here's introducing a fashion store specializing in chic apparels as well as accessories: Perfetti! Perfetti shop is a team of dedicated fashion devotees who are here to bring all women fun and inclusive fashion with real attitude. 

Here I'm dressed in a beautiful maxi dress from Perfetti! Their team of fashion buyers are constantly shopping for you: they travel worldwide to stock up on the freshest of fashion so that you can enjoy the latest must-haves with friendly price-tags.

Perfetti has a physical store at 62 Collyer Quay OUE Link Bridge #02-06 Singapore 049325. It's a pretty storefront, and a really welcoming ambience.

The assortment of pretty scarfs that is available!

What I really like about Perfetti is that every piece of their clothing is unique and made of durable, high quality material. 

This means that you don't have to worry about meeting someone on the streets who's wearing the same dress as you!

Love how the dress looks good against many backgrounds.

The range of pretty dresses from Perfetti. They have a lot more variety in the physical store though. so if you're looking for something unique, do head down!

Quote 'kaiting' to get 10% off your purchase! Also, do follow Perfetti on Facebook HERE.

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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