Monkey Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you! Here's wishing all my readers abundant joy and happiness this new year!

This year is special for both Ken and I because it's the year of the Monkey and hey, we were born in the year of the Monkey 24 years ago! Yes I know, time flies and I could swear it was just yesterday that I was still a teen.

This is a yearly tradition with my family: we bring a tray of food to offer in turn to the older generation, wishing them prosperity and health, and they will give us angbaos!

This is not the first Chinese New Year that I've spent with Ken, but this year is the first time we managed to visit both sides of our families in a day! Last year we completed our visitation in a span of a few days. Let me share with you what are the things to take note when you're planning visits to both sides of each other's families in a day, and if you're hosting an extended family gathering! I'm not an expert, but here are some tips for future use!

Firstly, check each other's schedule for the day. Of course it would be best if they don't clash but even if they do, make a plan of how long you can stay at each place, and always leave space in your stomach for food at every house!

It's also good to keep your family members updated of your location, as well as your estimated arrival/departure timing at each place. Keep tabs on where they are too, else it would be awkward if you visit a place after your immediate family members has already left!

When hosting a big group, do keep everyone entertained. The usual gambling will start, with blackjack being the easiest to play with a big group. However, my relatives came up with another fun game: BINGO! They set the price of each Bingo card at $2, so the pot will have all the money that people bought the card with.

However, each card only has 24 numbers and NOT ALL WILL BE CALLED! It's really based on luck! And it's so much fun because everyone, old or young, can play!

My extended family: grandmother's siblings and relatives!

I hope you've had a fulfilling Chinese New Year with your loved ones! To a good year ahead!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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