My Valentine's Surprise: Montigo Resort

Happy Valentine's Day to you!! Whether you're attached or single, it's a day of love!

Ken and Shaun surprised Zuoyi and I for a short getaway to Montigo Resort at Batam for the Valentine's weekend! Lucky girls we are.

Here we are at Tanah Merah ferry terminal, where Ken still refused to tell me where we were heading to! I knew we were going somewhere for a staycation though, because I checked my wardrobe and found that my swimming costumes were missing, because my mum packed them! Hahaha.

Waiting to board our ferry!

HERE ARE ARE! It was just a short half an hour's ride from Singapore to Batam, and then another 5 minutes ride from the ferry terminal to Montigo Resort!

Montigo is really a beautiful place for photos! Alas, everytime we head down to the pier it's mostly low tide, so we never managed to get any photos here.

To get around, we call for buggys! This place is really big and the slopes are really steep as well.

Photo from Zuoyi! This is the first floor of our villa!

Inflating the floats that Ken rented for us!

 He chose a swan and a flamingo! Look at the magnificent birds. Hahaha. They were really huge!

This was our private pool overlooking the sea. We got upgraded to a spa villa, which means there was a little hut below our pool for us to relax in. Which we did not use because there were so many mosquitoes outdoors.

Sadly, our view was blocked by those huts. However, we still managed to take nice photos and had a fun time in the pool!

The two bird heads formed a heart-shape!

Called room service for food during our swim, but it wasn't very tasty. Decided to venture out after we washed up, for our second dinner! Everything here is SO EXPENSIVE that I always feel the pinch every time I buy something. I guess it's of no surprise because Montigo Resort is opened by a Singaporean. A normal western meal at the restaurant (which wasn't very nice) cost four of us SGD$65++ because of their 10% service charge and 11% GST.

Then we got some snacks and drinks for the night, from their convenience store. A can of coke was SGD$4 wowwww. Anyway, we spent the night playing cards, watching movie and drinking the most delicious rose champagne ever that Shaun bought from Tanah Merah ferry terminal! It was a good night indeed.

The next day, we decided to visit Nagoya Hills mall, Batam's largest shopping centre. It hasn't changed much from when I was last year a few years back (also with Zuoyi, Shaun, and Chienwen) and honestly there was nothing much here as well. Our A&W meal was DISAPPOINTING because the chicken pieces were so small and they did not accede to our request to change it.

Before we left, we went to the supermart to get food to cook for our dinner tonight! The journey to and fro took about 45 minutes and we just napped on the cab. We wanted to take the shuttle bus because it was a little cheaper, but it was fully booked. Have to book real early!

Preparing ingredients in process! We called the reception to borrow knife and chopping board, but due to safety reasons they said they can't lend us. We ending up using butter knives and Shaun's tactical knife to cut our hotdogs, potatoes, onions and garlic!

Each of us helped prepare a dish, and this was supposed to be my dish after I marinated the chicken.

It was a good meal with good company! Our Valentine's dinner!

Overall, I would say that Montigo Resort is worth a visit, for its scenic views and private pool in the villa. However, I'm not keen on heading back again. It was pretty boring because there was nothing much we could do there. We contemplated heading for a massage but the cheapest was SDG$50 per hour, which we felt was really too expensive. My advice to those of you planning a trip to Montigo Resort @ Nongsa is to be prepared with activities!

Thank you for planning this surprise trip for me, my love! Last year, we were on board a yacht for Valentine's. This year, I was surprised with a getaway. I had a really good time, thank you for pampering me!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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