Hungry go where? GOROGORO Korean Steamboat!

GoroGoro Steamboat & Korean Buffet Restaurant is fun, affordable and yummy! They distance themselves from the more traditional and pricey image of typical steamboat buffet restaurants, providing a cozy environment for light-hearted gleeful dining experience without guests having to worry about their pockets.

I love it that GOROGORO offers a very large variety of steamboat buffet food at a very affordable price, alongside 6 choices of soup broths! Super worth every penny spent!

GoroGoro is located conveniently in town at 218 Orchard Road, Orchard Gateway@Emerald, #04-01 Singapore 238851. Take the lift inside Crate&Barrel to the fourth floor and you'll see GoroGoro!

Why the name GoroGoro? Well, when we are hungry, that is the sound our tummy makes. And when their delectable steamboat broths are boiling, that is also the magical bubbling sound! The brand is represented by a cute hungry monster, and each broth has its own mini mascot providing the fun element. 

The usual selection of fresh vegetables! Guests can expect up to 50 selections of fresh meats, veggies, drinks & korean delicacies for weekday lunch and over 70 choices for dinner and weekend dining.

Did you happen to notice that GoroGoro also offer COOKED FOOD? Like chicken wings, korean pancakes, noodles, korean rice cakes and such? This contributes to the large variety of food available! I would personally recommend their chicken wings, VERY DELICIOUS! They have two kinds though, the reddish-looking one is not as good as the brownish-looking one. Sorry for the lousy description, I forgot the name of the two different types of chicken wings.

GoroGoro caters to different taste preferences by having six choices of bubbling broths to choose from, namely Ginseng chicken, Beauty collagen, Mala, Tomyam, Tomato and Vegetarian!

The simmering spicy broth boiled with exotic spices and herbs. Said to be originated from Sichuan & Chongqing, the mala recipe was regined & evolutionalized to be one of the most popular aromatic soups in the Chinese food culture.
Verdict: The most popular soup base among spicy-lovers, this is really good! I myself cannot take spicy food, so this is obviously not one of my favourite; but I've tried one mouth to ascertain it's taste and flavour. From many reviews, I'd rate it 4.5 hearts!

Prepared with GoroGoro's secret recipe, this broth not only gives you the ooomph of great taste, it is full of cellular goodness for our skin & connective tissues. Is it any wonder why it is touted as a beauty soup?
Verdict: Yummy yummy beauty soup! Boiled for at least 12 hours, it may look like it's TOO RICH in colour but it actual fact it tastes awesome and just nice! Rating this soup at 4.5 hearts!

When a native Thai says Aroi, he is commenting that the food is delicious or delightful. This may be why the TomYam taste is world famous cause it is simply Aroi!
Verdict: Specially for tomyam lovers! Not as spicy as the Mala, but just as flavourful. Rating this at 4 hearts!

Just a taste of this broth will make you feel as though you are transported back to an ancient Korean Imperial Emperor's banquet. Ginseng chicken soup is Korea's culinary identity - a definite must try!
Verdict: MY FAVOURITE! It's not called a must-try for fun, it's really delicious! The ginseng chicken is so fragrant as well, and after cooking the food in it, the soup tastes just right and I had so many more helpings. 5 hearts!

When we think of tomato soup. we think of canned tomato soup. Throw away the can and prepare the soup with real tomato recipes retaining its rich micronutrients for physical & spiritual nourishment!
Verdict: Tomato soup base at steamboat/hotpot restaurants have always been my favourite because it gives flavour to the meat I'm cooking in it. Likewise, it's no different here at GoroGoro because the tomato soup base is DELICIOUS! 4.5 hearts!

Vegetarians and the health-conscious mind will find this broth done just right. Less fat but full of veggie goodness!
Verdict: Sorry I'm not a vegetarian and I love meat, so I found this soup to be a little tasteless as compared to the rest. However, I'm sure the variety of food available will be able to complement this soup perfectly. 3.5 hearts.

Now, remember when I say it's SO AFFORDABLE? Look at their prices and you'll agree with me! I feel that it's really worth the money that you pay, for a super huge variety of good food; both cooked and uncooked.

With the fellow foodie bloggers! Nikki, Jac and Vivienne. 

Group shot at our table with the adorable props!

And of course, my partner in life. We really enjoyed the ambience and food at GoroGoro! Thank you for having us!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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