Spider Gold Facial @ Expressions

Back at Expressions, going through a special lifting facial treatment: the Spider Gold Facial to review! If you missed it, read my previous post on Expressions HERE with Ken and I as their couple ambassador!

Spider Gold is a specially formulated facial treatment that utilises natural ingredients obtained from the Spiderweb. The extracted proteins contain 10 amino acids, with skin-lifting, anti-aging and whitening components that will help to achieve on all-round good skin complexion.

First up, there's an analysis of my skin. This really cool gadget called Skin Touch, is a smart skin analyzer which can analyze my skin and tell the hydration level as well as a few other information. It allows users to understand their own skin anywhere and anytime from just your mobile phone device! Skin Touch is the smallest portable skin analyzer device that can be plugged into the earphone jack of your smartphone or tablet device. 

The two metal probes of this small device will connect to your skin cells and decrypt the data from the sample of oil and moisture in your skin cells. The data collected will be shown in a visually attractive line diagram. For each area that you press the probes onto, you will be able to produce one line diagram. You can then compare and contrast the different line diagrams from different parts of your skin.

This Skin Touch device is amazing! With intelligent analysis of your skin's oil content and moisture level, you could now accurately plan your skincare regime without having to go to expensive beauty consultant!

Getting the different parts of my face analyzed. The result was that my skin is really dry.

Here's my consultant explaining to me the benefits of the Spider Gold facial, which includes:
- Minimises Pores
- Refines & Lightens Acne Scars
- Increases Skin Elasticity
- Improves Blood Circulation
- Smoothens Fine Lines & Wrinkles
- Reduces & Lightens Pigmentation and Age Spots

I learnt that Spider Gold solution conditions and protects the skin from dryness. Its moisture locking capability has a resilient effect on the skin for up to 72 hours. My dry skin really needs that!

This steam helps to open my pores, so that the beautician can cleanse my face.

Begin cleansing and extraction of the dirty white/black heads.

Expressions’ team of aestheticians have been specially trained to treat Spider Gold facial using professional hands-on technique, along with our cutting edge technology and secret formula-spider web mask and gold essence. Featured here is a total cleansing mask which disposes impurities from skin; also moisturises and firms the skin, thus minimising pores and improving skin elasticity.

The extracted protein consists of skin lifting, anti-aging and whitening components, making Spider Gold the breakthrough for a youthful and healthier skin. The 10 amino acids help nourish skin and strengthen skin elasticity while the serine enzyme encourages the build-up of collagen, thus boosting the regeneration of skin cells.

The natural amino acids act as wound-healing agents which assist in the building of collagen. They also encourage skin renewal, reverse retarded skin growth and promote healthy glow on skin.

After my Spider Gold facial, my beautician was discussing with my consultant as to what treatment they should give my face to wrap up this facial session.

They decided with their professional knowledge, to cater to the need of my sensitive and dry skin by setting it with a cold mask!

I look terrible I know hahaha but it was really cool and refreshing, a good finish to my Spider Gold facial!

After the facial: clean, refreshed and glowing skin! Although it's not obvious in the photo, my cheeks are actually more taut and 'springy' as the Spider Gold facial helped firm and lift my skin! 

You can actually get this facial at only $38 plus a free vee mask (worth $18)! If you sign up now at http://www.expressions.com.sg/spider-gold-facial, you'll also get the second facial free! So worth it!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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