Powerpuff Hair @ Artistry Hair Professional

Back at my trusted salon Artistry Hair Professional, for some COLOUR!

The colours are gorgeous right!! I call them the powerpuff colours because they're the powerpuff girls colours: pink blue and green!

The 'before' hair. We decided that only the bottom part of my hair should be dyed so that it won't be too much! I don't think I can pull off my whole head of hair looking so bright anyway. Hahaha.

The new 'moonlight' colour that just came into Artistry! Love them so striking!

Had to bleach my hair twice for this. It wasn't painful because my roots were not bleached!

The whole process (bleaching twice + colour + treament) took about 5 hours!

Hello new hair! Love the pink! It was the lightest colour though, it's quite hard to get bright pink on.

It's not surprising to know that my hair is SO SMOOTH because hey, Artistry's signature mucota treatment WORKS WONDERS! More about their treatment HERE.

Another look at my wonderful gorgeous hair! You can see that the different colour strands are distributed evenly and the result is really pretty!

Thank you Elein and Artistry for pampering my hair and giving me a new look! Don't forget to mention my name for up to 30% off services at Artistry!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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