Drum Tao Hyakkaryoran Hanabi

Drum Tao rewrites the history of traditional Japanese drumming, and yet proudly remains the greatest Drum Performers in Japan.

It combines exuberant drumming with martial arts and intricate choregraphy, incredible synchornity and mesmerizing music in an innovative contemporary Japanese production. I was thrilled by the drummers as they maneuver amidst massive 400kg drums and enthralling music, and felt like I was transported to an unforgettable artistic universe.

Director Amon Miyamoto, Costume Designer Junko Koshino, and Stage Designer Rumi Matsui, they became the first Asian team on Broadway who received four Tony Award nominations for the musical “Pacific Overtures” and now they are reunited for DRUM TAO’s latest show “HYAKKARYORAN ~The World of Japan~”.

The new show made a huge splash throughout Japan and marked a record of over 150,000 spectators. This new show will bring musicianship, athleticism, humour, and choreography together with explosive traditional Taiko drumming and has had critics raving about the group's extraordinary precision, energy, and stamina when they performed in Japan. It promises more explosive and dynamic drumming and a dramatic plot that transport the audience into the world of TAO with beautifully choreographed moves and music.

With hundreds of sold-out shows and more than six million spectators, Drum TAO has proven that modern entertainment based on the timeless, traditional art of Japanese drumming entertains international audiences again and again.

Ken and I had the chance to catch the wonderful performance which was held at the new Mediacorp theatre located at Stars Avenue. What an apt name!

 Thank you Vizpro events and The Influencer Network for the tickets!

Do you know that the strenuous physical demands of their performance style demands that all performers also train as athletes?

Their daily workouts, which start at 5am and end at 10pm, include a 20 kilometer run, calisthenics, martial arts training, and hours of dance, drum, and music practice. During the first ten years, 400 trainees ran away, after which the founder Ikuo Fujitaka adjusted the training regimen.

It was an impressive show, the drummers really go all out in hitting the drums, and after understanding their training regime, I understand how they have the physique and strength to blow the audience away with such an impressive performance.

The performance included elegant females as well, hitting smaller drums and playing melodious tunes on the flutes. I really loved how all the different musical instruments came together to further boost the drums.

Their well-synchronized fusion of martial’s art choreography together with their explosive traditional Taiko drumming music was really an eye-opener.

Not to mention the hot bodies of the topless man. WOW. It was a good evening spent watching this performance. I never liked drums, and yet I found myself enjoying the rhythm and performance more than I thought I would!

Drum Tao's "Hyakka Ryoran Hanabi" is no longer showing in Singapore, but you can still join Drum Tao's fan club (click 'here to go to TAO Club) to get the latest information on their shows, pre-sale tickets and their merchandise.

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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