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Ten Rascals is a Singapore-based company committed to creating outrageously fashionable laptop sleeves for the young-at-heart! Quote 'kaitinghearts' for 10% off at www.tenrascals.com!

If you are looking for a beautiful sleeve for your laptop because you carry your laptop on hand frequently, then Ten Rascals is for you. All Ten Rascals laptop sleeves are 100% designed and made in Singapore.

Unprecedented Looks.
Ten Rascals laptop sleeve designs are extremely bold, expressive and eye-catching. They are nothing like the traditional-looking laptop sleeves you find everywhere else. With advancement in printing technology, it is now possible to print high resolution designs onto fabric products. Gone are the days of boring laptop sleeves.

Fine Craftsmanship.
Ten Rascals take great pride in our laptop sleeve quality. From their initial design process, production and then quality checks, each step is delicately done by their in-house deisgners and partnering craftsmen, one laptop sleeve at a time. Their laptop sleeves are 100% designed and made in Singapore.

Thoughtful Features.
We use high quality polyester fabric, smooth inner quilt lining and plush padding to give your laptop a complete protection against light knocks and scratches. The lid is sealed with horizontal strips of complementary-coloured Velcro.

Array of Styles.
With a varied selection of designs available, it is easy to find a laptop sleeve that truly expresses your style. Suitable for both genders.

In our war against mass-manufacturing, Ten Rascals create a limited number of laptop sleeves per design. Grab it while stocks last!

Ten Rascals aim to provide you with enough information to help you to make an informed and satisfied laptop sleeve purchase. Share these articles with your friends!
Guide 2: How to choose a Ten Rascals Laptop Sleeve?

Now you'll understand why I love my laptop sleeve so much, because it's one of a kind and it's SO PRETTTTY! It gives my laptop adequate protection too! Get yours today at www.tenrascals.com! Quote 'kaitinghearts' for 10% off!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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