S L A T E by TACT - Self-designed capsule series

 Attended the launch S L A T E by TACT, which is a self-designed capsule series that is aimed to be launched over a period of a year in 4 different series!

It is the brainchild of founder Aggylow, and each and every design has been carefully crafted and inspected over and over again to ensure the best quality in fabric and workmanship. In these series, you can expect their pieces to be launched in monochromatic colours, notably timeless in design and extremely individualistic.

TACT.SG is a womenswear label webstore based in Singapore.
Inspired by minimalism and contemporary styling, they make refined and modern apparels suited for everyday wear. An assemblage of statement pieces that works well unaccompanied and in combination; either, or. Subtly assertive and effortless, you will find undeniable ease wearing our apparels anyway, everyday. Timeless, refined and individualistic; these are the essences of TACT.SG.

"Many people often ask me, what is the meaning of TACT? It is actually having a keen sense of what is appropriate or tasteful; but definitely in your own perspective. You can wear a really interestingly designed top in white matched with another white bottom for a clean look or go bold or colourful with prints and patterns. You just need to own a few timeless pieces that are assertive and effortless, which is what we aim to provide to the Singapore fashion market." - Founder Agnes Low (Aggylow)

Thank you Agnes, and thank you to all sponsors!

CHURRO101 where we attended the launch, and enjoyed delicious churros!

A freelance nailist with an artistic flair!
Emerald Allure is a company that provides:
- Gowns for Wedding/ROM/Dinner and Dance 
- Dress for bridemaid
- Make up/Hairdo service for Wedding/ROM/Dinner and dance/events
- Nails service for ALL
- Eye lash extension 
- Waxing

They rent for all gowns and accessories included for sisters. Their philosophy is to provide affordable services to everyone and hope everyone who come to them will be beautiful, happiness and confident.

Dr.Ci:Labo’s philosophy, principle and values are to help people with their skin concerns so they can live their lives with confident and feel and look their youngest everyday. Dr.Ci:Labo is continually innovating and researching in cutting edge dermatological technology and striving to provide the best doctor’s brand skin care products in the world.

At Honeyz Paint House, they’ve created a home in which they can explore our interests in photography, decorating, fashion styling and loads of stuff that they know you guys are crazy about too. For all you entrepreneurs out there, is your business ‘baby’ ready to showcase to the world? The world wants to see it!

If you’re here, then chances are that you know how social media savvy one has to be to make it. Three seconds is all you have to hook your clients’ visual attention and get that ever elusive ‘like’! Hence, they’re also here to help you impress your online and offline audience with professionally styled stock images, creative marketing kits and unique events/parties that will be the talk of the town.

Teathos is conscious and ethical – they are a responsible brand who cares about the environment and community. Teathos is also a big advocate for healthy eating and fitness, after all you’ve only got one body, if you don’t look after it where will you live?

Matcha is a superfood in its own right, not only does it have x137 times the antioxidants and nutrients of regular green tea, it boosts metabolism, increases immunity – truly a fuel for the mind, body and soul. It became their mission to spread the matcha magic and make it easily available to everyone.

Beauty Cleanse was born to be a friend, a supporter and guidance to those who wish to kick-start a healthy regime. As your living sanctuaries start to reboot and rejuvenate, you will step into an arena of holistic renewal within your tissues, cells, membranes and other bodily functions. They believe that it is only when you encounter an internal revival will your beauty shine through from both externally and within. So let them do the work while you enjoy the ride in achieving a healthier, radiant, vibrant you!

Coup De Coeur is the ingenious innovation designed to revolutionize wristwatches. They enable you to look stylish, while at the same time, equip you with a state-of-the-art timekeeper. This idea is not only to compliment your appearance, but also to show you what is on the inside of a timekeeper. Bringing extreme engineering and sophistication together, they have created this luxurious timekeeper for people like you. The perfect wristwatch to go with any outfit can now be yours.
Bio-Beauty Aromatic Spa is a new and exciting concept that allows all ladies to graciously pamper themselves and indulge in a range of exclusive products/services specially designed to suit the needs of beautiful modern women. It is lavishly decorated in an exquisite style of elegance that mesmerizes one to feel relaxed admidst comfort.

L'eder - meaning 'leather' in German - is a Singapore based e-retailer. Leder aims to explore contemporary styles using the spectrum of colors with an artistic mix of exotic leder in its range of luxury accessories.

Best place to shop for authentic and affordable Koreans cosmetics and skincare! Read my own review HERE.

Get your minimalist, timeless pieces from TACT.SG today!


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