Yum Cha Express x Dimsum Delivery

Do you love dimsum? How about having it delivered right to your doorstep?

Chefs reporting for duty!!! Yum Cha Express now delivers mouth-watering, fresh and piping hot dim sum along with a variety of rice, vermicelli, seafood and vegetable dishes right to your doorsteps from 9am till 9pm!! Promotion code below, as well as a Facebook contest to take part! Read on!

Knee Dislocation Injury x Road to Recovery

For this requested post, I'm going to talk about how I recovered from my knee dislocation injury and my experience, followed by getting back on court again.

This was my pink cast on my right knee. An anonymous reader has requested for me to write a post on my knee injury episode because she found this very inspiring thank you whoever you are!) after reading my blog post on my Volleyball Journey HERE. I know many many athletes who are so much stronger and passionate about their sport than I am, but today I'm just here to share my experience on my road to recovery. WARNING: This is a very long post and I'm not sure who will be interested enough to finish it but... here goes!

The Unbelievable Parody

Hello everybody! This was a pretty impromptu decision, where Ken and I decided to film a short parody of the recent hit song from Singapore's Channel 5 Spouse for House, Unbelievable!

We had so much fun!

LOST Singapore's Next Generation Real Escape Game

LOST SG is a high-tech real-life room escape game where I got to experience trying to escape from a room by solving puzzles!

We played the Exodus escape room and with teamwork, we managed to make it out within an hour without clues! WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! I'm also GIVING AWAY a trip to Lost SG for one of you (also get to bring 5 friends along!) so read on for details!!!