FRESH by Honestbee - Receive Fresh Groceries in An Hour!

The year 2017 is coming to an end soon and there must be something out there that allows me to shop for fresh groceries without me stepping into a supermarket and lugging back all those plastic bags right? YES I AM RIGHT! Let me tell you about Asia's leading online concierge and delivery service, honestbee!

My fresh groceries were delivered by honestbee and I specially ordered some bananas because they are Lucky's favourite fruit! I'm pleasantly surprised by the simple-to-use user interface on the honestbee app which I downloaded on my phone to order from. Read on for more!

Most Comprehensive & Robust Cloud Loyalty & CRM - Advocado

Look what I have with me here, a whole lot of goodies from Advocado! I've added in a blue cloud in the background of the picture, to represent the cloud of Advocado, because Advocado is a multi-award winning cloud loyalty CRM software which generates real cash flow for business owners, big & small!

Whether you're a small or large business entity, if your business is in need of a customer base, you would not want to miss this! Read on to find out more about the most comprehensive and robust cloud loyalty platform, Advocado.