My Gift of Love This Christmas x Between App

Merry Christmas! In a collaboration with Between, they've written an article on Clozette, about my gift of love this Christmas! Read the full article below, original article taken directly from HERE.

Dazzling lights hung up in the cities, green and red packaging occupying the shelves in the shops, decorated pine trees appearing at every corner and chirpy music playing everywhere… It’s the time of the year again when people gather with their beloved families and friends in celebration of this joyous season; and also the time when people comb through malls to prepare for their annual gift exchanges. It seems like everyone in town is getting ready for Christmas, and so are Kaiting Cheng and her other half, Ken Seah.

Japan Beauty Journey - HIS Singapore

I'm going to introduce the JAPAN BEAUTY JOURNEY package by HIS Singapore which is so desirable at such an affordable rate!!

When I was in Japan, I happened to chance upon the HIS branch there and snapped a picture!

Shinkei Japanese Restaurant Christmas Promotions

Shinkei Japanes Restuarant offers what Japan Cuisine has to brag to their food about with its mouth-watering dishes and delectable foods that could satisfy your cravings with variety of selection of Sashimi, Sushi, Tempura, Yakitori and many more!

Here's their assorted sashimi platter: the beautiful photogenic highlight of the night did not disappoint! Read on for their promotions this month!

Singapore DUCKtour Promotion

There is no better way to tour Singapore than catching a ride on the ORIGINAL DUCKtours

Embark on a land and sea adventure on a remodeled WWII amphibious Vietnamese war craft that promises you the best tour experience. This hour-long journey brings you up close to Singapore's famous skyline, historical landmarks and gorgeous bay view. 

TOPless HiPPO Christmas Light-Up Giveaway

Remember the days we used to dream in stockings, kisses and the sweetest candy? Re-live those beautiful moments with your loved ones on board the ever-joyful TOPless HiPPO bus!

Sail down Orchard Road this Christmas season, a time when every nook and cranny is embellished with beautiful holiday-themed adornments. Experience a dreamy winter wonderland in the heart of the tropics, where countless multi-coloured lights are here to brighten up your imagination.

Pampering Beauty Trail @ Pacific Plaza

It was indeed a pampering day for me as I embarked on a beauty trail over at Pacific Plaza, a treasure trove of beauty essentials! It's located conveniently at 9 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228210, right beside Shaw Centre.

Here is a photo taken at my first stop: a clarifying scalp therapy at Botanics Creation! Read on for the details of my beauty trail!

NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner - My Bathroom Staple

It's time to put the power in your shower! Do you know that the best time to moisturize your skin is in the shower? Warm water helps to open up your pores while moist skin is better prepped to absorb active ingredients.

Get more than 24 hours moisturizing benefits with the revolutionary rinse-off NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner! It comes in three variants, including a whitening one for dull and damaged skin.

MELILEA Celebration: Go Organic

Last week I attended a celebration party for Melilea's successful executive president, Datuk Stella!

Read on to find out more about MELILEA and Dr Datuk Stella Chin, who has won numerous awards for her entrepreneurship success! I've also done a review of the products as well as how to make the perfect organic drink!

ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser Review

I've been trying out the features of the ASUS ZenFone Laser 2 for 2 weeks, and here's my review!

I love the laser-focus auto-feature focus of the ASUS Zenfone, as well as the unrivaled low light mode! Read more about the features in my previous blog post HERE.

Christmas Magic at The Marriott

Christmas is just around the corner and it is the most magical time of the year, as well as my favourite festive season!!!

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel will be transforming into a magical wonderland brimming with an extensive array of festive buffets, take-away goodies as well as exciting experiences that will captivate the hearts of merrymakers.

Effortless Style from The Peach Box

The ultimate fashion jewellery destination for girls who love life chic, modern and edgy: The Peach Box!

These are my chosen pieces from The Peach Box, aren't they gorgeous! Read on for discount code!

Short Hiatus & Upcoming Updates

I will be heading overseas from 28th Nov - 5th Dec, so this will be my last post for November! How did this month fly past so quickly? I must apologize for neglecting this space quite a bit, because I was busy with my exams. However, expect me to be here often in December, with lots of activities to share!

Anyway, before I leave for some fun, here are some upcoming product reviews and event updates you can expect! Lots of activities coming up in December because it's one of my favourite festive season: Christmas!!!

ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser Features

When designing the ZenFone 2 Laser, ASUS started with us, the consumers. in mind.

As a result, ZenFone 2 Laser has a highly-intuitive control layout, incorporating a physical rear key as part of the new Ergonomic Arc design. Snapping selfies, adjusting the volume and retracing our steps now feels completely natural, regardless of whether we are right- or left-handed. The elegant new shape feels secure and extremely comfortable to hold.

GP Batteries F Series Powerbank

Something that I can never leave home without: my GP Batteries F series powerbank. 

I'm sure many of you can relate, because most of us rely on our phone a lot on a daily basis and keeping it alive is actually something very important!

Ohana Cafe @ Stirling

There's a new place at the West side of Singapore that I've been introduced to, which I absolutely adore!

Here's Ken and I over at their opening launch of Ohana Cafe at Stirling! It is located at 15 Cheong Chin Nam Road Singapore 599739.

Her Changing Room - Apparel Exchange Service

Are you a girl who loves wearing new outfits everyday? Well, then Her Changing Room is the right place for you to shop; because they provide an unlimited exchange service!

Unlimited exchanges? What do I mean by unlimited? Read on to find out!

BAKER's Ville @ Bugis Street

Newly opened at Bugis Street, a prominent location you won't miss, is BAKER's Ville! Founded in 2013 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, BAKER's Ville features the moist and crumbly '26 Thousand Layers Tart' alongside other delicious and delicately baked pastries.

Featuring their gorgeous signature blueberry Angel cake here!

De' Beer Seafood Restaurant

Starting out its roots at D’Kranji Farm Resort in 2008, De' Beer Seafood Restaurant has since grown and is today, serving up the West side at Sunset Lane. De' Beer Seafood is located at 106 Clementi Street 12, #01-38 Singapore 120106.

As expected of an authentic local seafood restaurant, a wide array of delectable local seafood fare awaits its patrons, with each dish meticulously prepared using the freshest ingredients. Bring your family and friends to De’ Beer for a truly fulfilling value-for-money meal that boasts of generous portions and servings.

Trick Eye Renews

Hellllllo November! What's new this month is that Trick Eye Museum has undergone a few changes, with new illustrations to feast your eyes on!

Here's a straightforward picture: I'm a fairy! Read on to see the other new installations!

My 23rd Birthday Surprise

Hello! So I haven't blogged about my personal life for awhile and I'm not really sure if any of my readers would like to read about this; but I'm just going to do it because it was my best birthday celebration to date! Yes, even better than my 21st birthday party two years ago.

So, Ken planned the whole day for me (my birthday falls on 19 October) and gave me a surprise at the end. And also, Ken paid for all of these and nothing is sponsored (just saying).

ASUS Zensation Launch: Revealing Stunning Products

ASUS unveiled a stunning range of new Zen-inspired products at the Zensation 2015 press event, designed to bring harmony and simplicity into people's personal and professional lives.

Here I am standing with the new Zenbook series that was introduced, alongside many other new products!

Wallace Ang New Album Release

I attended Wallace's album launch press conference today over at The Laneway Market, and was delighted to hear his new songs!

Congratulations on your new album launch Wallace!

PSLove Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaway

The time of the month all girls dread: having our period. However, PSLove is here to save the day!

In collaboration with breast cancer awareness week, PSLove is holding a giveaway with super attractive prizes!

Solution to Voluminous-looking Hair: Curls

Back at my trusted hair salon: Artistry Hair Professional! Quote my name for up to 30% off services!

This time round, my hair stylist Elein has done a perm for my hair ends and it turned out super nice! My hair has always been straight and boring, this time round the perm does indeed give my hair the much-needed volume!

The Refinery Cafe

A short review of the food at The Refinery cafe.

A table spread with goodness was my enjoyable brunch!

ASUS ZenFestival: New range of ASUS ZenFone

ASUS ZenFestival celebrates the success of ASUS ZenFone smartphones with celebrity endorser, Michelle Chong!

And yep I had the honour of taking selfies with her up on stage!!! 

Perfetti Apparel

Here's introducing a fashion store specializing in chic apparels as well as accessories: Perfetti! Perfetti shop is a team of dedicated fashion devotees who are here to bring all women fun and inclusive fashion with real attitude. 

Here I'm dressed in a beautiful maxi dress from Perfetti! Their team of fashion buyers are constantly shopping for you: they travel worldwide to stock up on the freshest of fashion so that you can enjoy the latest must-haves with friendly price-tags.

Singapore Uni Games 2015 NTU Double Champion Teams

Here's a short post to wrap up the Singapore University Games (SUniG) season for this year, with both the NTU men's and women's team bringing back the champion title!

Team NTU volleyball, with me being the oldest senior alongside many very young freshies!

La Ristrettos @ Novena

Nestled along a cozy corridor at the 8th floor of Novena Medical Centre, La Ristrettos is a place where you will be able to enjoy good food and good coffee in a comfortable ambience.

People mainly come here for their coffee, as they are the the sole distributor of Cafe Agust Beans - Organic & Certified FairTrade 100% Arabica Beans. But me, I love their food!

Places for Casual Photoshoot in Singapore

Are you thinking that Singapore is too small and there's nothing fun you can do with your partner/friends? I mean, you've visited Sentosa, USS so many times it's getting boring already. Well, how about exploring new places and taking photos to save as memories? Trust me, it can be pretty fun!

Ken and I have been to quite a few places in Singapore for our own mini photoshoot, so I've decided to compile a list of places in Singapore where couples and friends can head to for a casual photoshoot!

Mix of Tones at Headlines Hairdressing

Weeks after my first awesome hair treatment with Artistry, I'm back again for some colour!

Look at the different tones of colours on my hair! Highlights within highlights.

Refreshing Taste of Summer with Belvoir Fruit Farms

Bubbling with the juices of real summer fruits and fresh flowers, Belvoir Fruit Farms introduces four new refreshing flavours in Singapore. 

Perfect for this summer heat, the all-lovely and all-natural flavours include Elderflower & Rose, Raspberry Lemonade, Summer Fruits, and Mango & Peach. Belvoir Fruit Farms’ press├ęs add a cool and healthy alternative that is 100% good, with no preservatives and no artificial flavourings or colours.

Food Mania @ Orchard Central

Singapore's town area actually boosts a wide variety of choices to fulfill your cravings from within your stomach... especially at the heart of town, Orchard Central.

Join me on a gastronomic journey over at Orchard Central and find out how I satisfied my tastebuds!

Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention

Are you a collector of toys? Do you love comics? I'm sure you've visited Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention over the weekend! This year, STGCC welcomes pop culture heavyweights and the largest exhibitor turnout!

Mind-blowing line-up of 29 comic, toy, cosplay, anime and game personalities, with close to 180 launches from 240 exhibitors including 180 Artist Alley participants in largest turnout. New highlights include the inaugural STGCC Championships of Cosplay, STGCC Celebrates Local Talent and Women in Comics panel!

Heading to Japan? Astounding Hello Kitty rooms up for grabs!

Are you planning to head to Japan during the holidays? I'm sharing with you how to get the best out of Japan: which hotel to stay at plus which travel company to book your trip with!

Here I am taking a picture with a picture of Keio Plaza Hotel's lobby! Keio Plaza Hotel is located in Shinjuku, and has beautiful HELLO KITTY ROOMS alongside a wide variety of restaurants and culture exhibitions!

Get Bare-Naked Down Under @ Lavande

I'm sure we all know there are places we can go to remove our unwanted body hair.. But where do we go for quality professional service? Here I have an answer: Lavande! Lavande prioritizes itself in providing quality aesthetic treatments to all valued clients, ensuring their clients are pampered with a wide range of hassle free aesthetic services, all in one place. 

Read on for my very first experience of trying out a brazilian IPL treatment at Lavande, as well as check out the exclusive promotion you can get when you visit Lavande with the GetKlarity app! Article is published on the GetKlarity magazine as well.

SoulScape - Singapore's Iconic Yoga Festival

Soulscape, one of Singapore's largest yoga festival for yogis to gather, is back again this year!

Join me at this full-day event to have fun, know fellow yogis as well as take gorgeous shots at the beach in the afternoon sun or evening setting sun!!!

Althea - Affordable & Authentic Cosmetics from Korea

I'm not a makeup junkie but as a girl I still have to own some cosmetics right? I found perfect place to get makeup and face-care products directly from Korea: via Althea Korea

It's really awesome to get authentic and affordable quality Korean cosmetics shipped directly to your doorstep! Read on to find out why I'm in love with Althea Korea, and how AFFORDABLE it is when I say affordable!

Supernova Juice Cleanse

Recently, I did a one-day juice cleanse, with yummy juices from Supernova!

Supernova juices are crafted by top mixologists and community juicers in Singapore, made using premium ingredients from superfoods, natural fruits and fresh vegetables. Locally sourced and cold pressed daily. Every drop promises good things.

Get RedMart Coupon Codes with ShopBack on top of cashback

Have you heard of ShopBack? The online platform where you GET PAID TO SHOP??? Today I'm showing you how you can get RedMart coupon codes with ShopBack, ON TOP OF CASHBACK!

So perhaps let me start with a short introduction of ShopBack as well as RedMart.

Blog Meet @ Pure Yoga

A few days ago, I attended a blog meet at Pure Yoga!

I was invited to #BlogMeetSg for the first time, and it was held at Pure Yoga! I had such a good time catching up with fellow bloggers as well as a good yoga session where we were stretched and pushed to our limits!

Agrobazaar - Best Malaysian Food in Singapore

Shop, dine and chill at Agrobazaar Malaysia in Singapore! Your one stop destination for Malaysian grown, Malaysian produced goods, authentic Malaysian Cuisine and great gourmet coffee.

Look at the amazing array of food that Agrobazaar offers! I had a great time stuffing myself with food because most of it tastes so good.

My Experience Visiting Nox - Dine in the Dark

Hi guys! Here's a very very informal post talking about my first-hand and first experience at Nox - Dine in the Dark.

If you want more information on Nox, please visit their website: This is not an advertorial/editorial, it's on my own personal basis that I'm writing this.

Soteria Face & Nail

Soteria Face & Nail is a very pretty and cozy place located at Kovan, just a few minutes away from Kovan mrt station. I got an invitation from lady boss Engel, to visit them and try their services.

When I first stepped into the place, I was wowed by the beautiful setting!

Crab Towkay - Singapore's Online Seafood Delivery & Supplier

A delicious meal prepared by my beloved grandma who cooks so well!!! Crabs were delivered live to me from Crab Towkay - an online seafood deliverer and supplier in Singapore!

My family members and I had a feast for dinner, as the crabs delivered by Crab Towkay were really good! The price was reasonable as well.

NDP Celebrations @ The Float

Jointly organised by People’s Association (PA) and SAFRA, National Day Parade Celebrations At The Float will welcome 25,000 Singaporeans each night at the Marina Floating platform on Sat, 1 August and Sun, 9 August 2015.

I attended the NDP preview on 1st August, and got to witness firsthand the unsung heroes behind the planning and preparation of this event!

Artistry Signature Treatment

If you've been following me for quite awhile, you'd have realized that I've dyed my hair a total of 5 times in the past 8 months. Now that's very damaging to my hair, and it feels almost like hay. I've done countless treatment for my hair which never lasts beyond a few days. Thus, I've been looking high and low for a lasting treatment... and I'm glad to say here at Artistry I've finally found it!

Artistry Hair Professional is the pioneer batch using Mucota Dyna products (which works wonders on hair) and their branch director Jerry, is the sole educator of Mucota products in Singapore.

SG50 Jubilee Weekend - Activities to celebrate Singapore's 50th birthday

I'm sure everyone knows it's quite a big deal that Singapore is 50 years old this year, and there are really SO MANY activities lined up for us! Singapore is set for the Jubilee Weekend where many activities have been lined up for us Singaporeans in the spirit of celebrating Singapore's 50th birthday!
Here I have a very very long list of activities available, do scroll through and see if you have any you would like to attend with your loved ones. No more excuses to stay at home saying there's nothing to do or nowhere to go in Singapore! Also, you can download the SG50 app for a convenient list of events/activities happening over the Jubilee Weekend! For App Store: ( For Google Play Store: (

Jurong Point GSS Deals x Bakerzin

I'm sure everyone is no stranger to Jurong Point the big big shopping mall located next to Boon Lay mrt (not Jurong East mrt) hahaha anyway, they're having awesome deals which you can redeem the vouchers online via this LINK HERE (!!!

Read on for my review of the food at Bakerzin, as well as the deals and promotions offered for this GSS at Jurong Point!

Fish Tales - Best Fish & Chips in Town for Just $7.90

Fish Tales is strategically located near Somerset MRT at *SCAPE, and it's SO AFFORDABLE because they don't charge GST & service charge. No pork no lard as well. Flash my photo on Instagram to get 10% off mains at Fish Tales!

Fish Tales serves a wide selection of food: fish, chicken, risotto, pasta and more. Using only the freshest premium white fish fillet & specially-imported USA fries, Fish Tales signature fish & chips feature light, crispy batter & tender meat. I can honestly say it's the best fish & chips in town, beating many others (who mostly use dory fish) because Fish Tales uses premium white fish; and it really makes a lot of difference!