La Ristrettos @ Novena

Nestled along a cozy corridor at the 8th floor of Novena Medical Centre, La Ristrettos is a place where you will be able to enjoy good food and good coffee in a comfortable ambience.

People mainly come here for their coffee, as they are the the sole distributor of Cafe Agust Beans - Organic & Certified FairTrade 100% Arabica Beans. But me, I love their food!

Places for Casual Photoshoot in Singapore

Are you thinking that Singapore is too small and there's nothing fun you can do with your partner/friends? I mean, you've visited Sentosa, USS so many times it's getting boring already. Well, how about exploring new places and taking photos to save as memories? Trust me, it can be pretty fun!

Ken and I have been to quite a few places in Singapore for our own mini photoshoot, so I've decided to compile a list of places in Singapore where couples and friends can head to for a casual photoshoot!

Mix of Tones at Headlines Hairdressing

Weeks after my first awesome hair treatment with Artistry, I'm back again for some colour!

Look at the different tones of colours on my hair! Highlights within highlights.

Refreshing Taste of Summer with Belvoir Fruit Farms

Bubbling with the juices of real summer fruits and fresh flowers, Belvoir Fruit Farms introduces four new refreshing flavours in Singapore. 

Perfect for this summer heat, the all-lovely and all-natural flavours include Elderflower & Rose, Raspberry Lemonade, Summer Fruits, and Mango & Peach. Belvoir Fruit Farms’ press├ęs add a cool and healthy alternative that is 100% good, with no preservatives and no artificial flavourings or colours.

Food Mania @ Orchard Central

Singapore's town area actually boosts a wide variety of choices to fulfill your cravings from within your stomach... especially at the heart of town, Orchard Central.

Join me on a gastronomic journey over at Orchard Central and find out how I satisfied my tastebuds!

Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention

Are you a collector of toys? Do you love comics? I'm sure you've visited Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention over the weekend! This year, STGCC welcomes pop culture heavyweights and the largest exhibitor turnout!

Mind-blowing line-up of 29 comic, toy, cosplay, anime and game personalities, with close to 180 launches from 240 exhibitors including 180 Artist Alley participants in largest turnout. New highlights include the inaugural STGCC Championships of Cosplay, STGCC Celebrates Local Talent and Women in Comics panel!

Heading to Japan? Astounding Hello Kitty rooms up for grabs!

Are you planning to head to Japan during the holidays? I'm sharing with you how to get the best out of Japan: which hotel to stay at plus which travel company to book your trip with!

Here I am taking a picture with a picture of Keio Plaza Hotel's lobby! Keio Plaza Hotel is located in Shinjuku, and has beautiful HELLO KITTY ROOMS alongside a wide variety of restaurants and culture exhibitions!

Get Bare-Naked Down Under @ Lavande

I'm sure we all know there are places we can go to remove our unwanted body hair.. But where do we go for quality professional service? Here I have an answer: Lavande! Lavande prioritizes itself in providing quality aesthetic treatments to all valued clients, ensuring their clients are pampered with a wide range of hassle free aesthetic services, all in one place. 

Read on for my very first experience of trying out a brazilian IPL treatment at Lavande, as well as check out the exclusive promotion you can get when you visit Lavande with the GetKlarity app! Article is published on the GetKlarity magazine as well.

SoulScape - Singapore's Iconic Yoga Festival

Soulscape, one of Singapore's largest yoga festival for yogis to gather, is back again this year!

Join me at this full-day event to have fun, know fellow yogis as well as take gorgeous shots at the beach in the afternoon sun or evening setting sun!!!

Althea - Affordable & Authentic Cosmetics from Korea

I'm not a makeup junkie but as a girl I still have to own some cosmetics right? I found perfect place to get makeup and face-care products directly from Korea: via Althea Korea

It's really awesome to get authentic and affordable quality Korean cosmetics shipped directly to your doorstep! Read on to find out why I'm in love with Althea Korea, and how AFFORDABLE it is when I say affordable!