Oliva Italian Restaurant

I'm on a roll with food posts this week!

For a taste of truly authentic Italian food, head down to Oliva today! I don't really know what clearly constitutes Italian food, but I believe that I LOVE ITALIAN FOOD if all Italian food taste like whatever I had here at Oliva! 

These are the current promotions available now, and it's really worth it! Oliva is located at 34 Arab Street, just a short 5-minutes walk away from Bugis mrt. Check out their menu HERE.

Was initially here alone, but called my best friend Jeanette and Sinyee along to help me finish up the dishes, and they really enjoyed the food as well. 

Bruschetta: fresh toasted baguette and homemade salsa. The baguette was crispy on the outside yet surprisingly soft when I bite down on it, going especially well with my favourite sliced tomatoes! 

A must for tea-time breaks, as well as for a light breakfast/supper. It may look like a small portion but it was actually pretty filling, and I really recommend this as a starter dish, especially when sharing with friends.

Because I love salmon, Diane let me try their salmon salad! I don't like salad (eeew raw vegetables) but I like tomatoes and salmon so this was nice!

Fresh smoked salmon nomz.

NOW THIS!! If you're only going to try one thing here at Oliva, you HAVE TO TRY THIS! Their well-known lamb shank!

The lamb is so well cooked, where it almost feels like the meat is melting on my tongue. The sauce is the even tastier part!! My friend Jeanette couldn't even stop tasting the sauce even when we've finished the meat hahaha.

They have a special recipe which must be a secret else I'd steal it and learn how to cook!!! Hahaha.

Prawn aglio olio with our choice of linguine pasta.

Because I can't really take spicy food, I requested for a non-spicy one and yay it was so yummy! Tasteful pasta with fresh prawns. Definitely better than the average cafe's pasta.

Pretty interior walls and mirrors! I dined outside with Diane and my friends, where a brighter lighting will be nicer for photos. However, if I were to bring my partner here next time, I would definitely choose a seat inside because it's so cozy with a comfortable ambience. 

I love the simplistic setting, where the pretty decorative lights go along well with the base colour white. White goes well with everything! It's my second favourite colour after pink hahaha. 

 I love food but dessert can come in as my favourite part of a meal hehehe it's like the best ending-of-a-meal ever! I am a fan of sweet stuff especially cakes and ice cream!

 TIRAMISUUUUUUUUU almost everyone's favourite!!

 This did not disappoint, and the three of us finished gobbling this up in just a mere 3 minutes!

Panna cotta, with the choice of strawberry sauce. 

Thumbs up for dessert! I've also heard that the flourless chocolate cake is good, so it's definitely another top choice for dessert over at Oliva here!

Lovely picture taken at a lovely place! Oliva Italian Restaurant is also a sponsor for the International Khakis womens volleyball team, and we all had a great time talking about volleyball! Thank you Diane for the invite, my friends and I had a good time!

xoxo, kaitinghearts


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