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As Singapore's leading food delivery service, foodpanda offers you nonstop indulgence whenever you want it!

After trying foodpanda's delivery service myself, I can see why foodpanda is the food delivery service to go to! With huge variety of food and restaurants they offer, it's no surprise how foodpanda is loved by many. Read on to find out more!

Founded in 2012, foodpanda thus made it their goal to simplify ours lives by making foodpanda delivery as convenient and as affordable as possible whilst taking us on a culinary journey around the world. It was here where the idea for the best delivery service food in Singapore originated.

Among dozens of hawkers, family businesses and high-class restaurants, one is hard pressed to make a choice for Lunch, Breakfast or Dinner. With foodpanda, not only are meals wonderfully cheap, but quality and accessibility, too, may well be compared to your favourite source of snacks on the street. In the mood for something lighter? The variety of healthy dishes offered by foodpanda's partner restaurants is incomparable on a market as competitive and short-lived as Singapore food delivery.

From Chinese meals and Western delicacies such as Italian pizza through to Mediterranean hummus and French wine, nice food in Singapore is closer than you think when using foodpanda's delivery service app. Now, listen to 4 reasons why foodpanda has been and continues to be the number one alternative for home cooking in Singapore:

- foodpanda delivery is fast, fun and definitely hassle-free. They are continuously striving to build honest relationships with our customers, and believe that it is their need for good takeaway food which motivates us day after day.

- foodpanda event catering will not only save you time and troubles. Discover Singapore delivery and the gastronomic range of our partner restaurants, traditional Italian pizzerias and fast-food outlets.

- foodpanda offers breakfast delivery! With oven-baked French croissants, strong coffees, teas, fruit salads and delightful garden salads. What, your day at the office just won’t end? A 24 hour delivery is available too with many foodpanda restaurants which offer 24h delivery services to enjoy!

- foodpanda is proud to provide you with the largest variety of Singapore restaurants and spans cuisines which would otherwise be hard to get - resulting in a delivery service in Singapore which could not be more diverse! 

Now you don't have to worry about how to fill your stomach when you can just laze at home and catch your favourite show! Thank you foodpanda for feeding me and leaving me with a satisfied stomach!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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