Insadong Korean Town

If you're a lover of Korean food like me, you'd definitely not want to miss this!

Insadong Korean Town is situated at Resort World Sentosa, and you can savour the best authentic Korean food in Korean traditional setting! First such korean themed restaurant in Singapore!

Hungry Heroes

December is the season of giving and... EATING!!!

Went to Hungry Heroes with Ken and it was such a prettily-decorated place with good food as well!

Hungry Heroes is situated at 33 Tessensohn Road, Singapore. Their opening hours are 4pm - 12am on weekdays, 11am - 12am on Saturdays and 11am - 11pm on Sundays & public holidays. If you're heading down, be sure to contact them at 6295 5401 to make a reservation because most of the time they're packed!

Domino's Pizza Christmas Party

Hello hello! Love December because that's when all the Xmas party and fun comes!

Was invited by The Influencer Network and Domino's Pizza to attend their Christmas and year-end appreciation party!!! Had so much fun eating and playing games! As Domino's Pizza would like to thank everybody for a great 2014, they'll be giving a 50% off ALL PIZZAS! (take-away/dine-in only, valid till 11th January 2015)

Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga

Singapore School of Meditation & Yoga (SSMY) is dedicated to improving the physical and spiritual well-being of adults and children through the practice and teachings of Bhakti yoga. 

Just a few days ago, I was invited to the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga for their bloggers' night. SSMY is conveniently located at 54B Tras Street, #03-01.

Cleo x Kate Spade Saturday Party

Attended a party at Kate Spade Saturday with my beauty blogger friend Zuoyi on (obviously) a Saturday!

They have a prettily-decorated photobooth for us to take photos!!! So awesome hehe. Being a Cleo magazine supporter, Zuoyi got the invitation asked if I would like to go along with her to this private party and of course I said yes! Who wouldn't, especially when it's Kate Spade Saturday, a young trendy brand! 

Commando Anniversary

It's the 45th anniversary of the Singapore commandos!

Look at my handsome commando officer who carried the colours at Singapore's NDP last year! My uncle is also a commando hehehe. 

108 Yogathon

The 108 Yogathon is Singapore’s largest outdoor Yoga Marathon, focusing on Mind Body Flow Yoga. 

Along with these pretty girls, I got invited to this 108yogathon, where we were supposed to do the sun salutations 108 times! However, we didn't manage to complete because it started raining just when we started. (explains the towels on our heads hahaha)

Dolby Atmos Everywhere

I was invited to catch The Hunger Games Mockingjay (part 1) with a Dolby Atmos experience!

Enter a new world of sound with Dolby Atmos®. It transports you into the movie with breathtaking, multidimensional sound that fills the theatre and flows all around you to move your mind, body and soul. I was of course so excited to be able to experience this "all around you" sound firsthand!


Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels. Infuusa.

So, what is Infuusa?

Infuusa is actually a sugar-free, cold brewed healthy beverage which adds a yummy taste into boring plain water. Infuusa cold brewed teas are designed for activity, letting you experience natural better hydration. It's the perfect substitute for drinking boring plain water after a workout, and also when 100 plus and isotonic drinks as such contain so much calories that you're essentially wasting your workout.

Rachel K Giveaway

Hello everybody! Welcoming November with a giveaway!

Here's your chance to win a set of Rachel K CC Renew cream & pressed powder! Tried and tested!!!

Tirisula Yoga

Yoga is the physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline that aim to transform body and mind.

My time at Tirisula Yoga definitely made me so much more knowledgeable about my own body and limits! 

Catch 'N Bite @ Westgate

Hello all I'm back with a food update! Here's a takeaway fuss-free store called Catch 'N Bite, located in Westgate mall. READ ON FOR PROMOTIONAL CODE! 

First up, thank you to The Influencer Network for inviting me to the food tasting! And also to William for the photos!

Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Night 4

Hello hello! Here to welcome October (my favourite month cause it's my birthday month hehe) with the Halloween event at USS!

The annual Halloween event at Universal Studios Singapore is back again, and this year I was made to go with my secondary school clique, Quelic Packs. (quelic is just the word clique messed up; and packs stand for our names respectively) 

Singapore University Games (SuniG) 2014

This is a late post as school life has been hectic right before my recess week! So anyway, the end of our annual Singapore University Games (SuniG) came to an end after a mere 2 weeks. 

I mean of course we only have 3 matches to play (only four schools participated for the women's volleyball: NUS NTU SMU SIM) This is my full team! 

Tharman Cup Veteran Volleyball Championship

Played a total of 5 matches over the weekend, for this year's Tharman Cup. 

I SUPER LOVE this photo because everyone looks so happy!!! Happy girls are the prettiest!!! And also I photoshopped Jaime in there at the top right hahaha.

VAS Singapore Open Volleyball Championship

The Singapore Open Volleyball Championship organized by the Volleyball Association of Singapore (VAS) came to a close last Sunday.

Every year, teams send in players passionate about the sport, to this avenue for competitive volleyball.

Shake It Off

Hello everybody! I know I haven't been updating recently but I've been busy and also lazy hahaha.
Anyway, today's update is only because Taylor Swift has a new pop single and has finally revealed her new album title after leaving us Swifties guessing her clues everywhere!

Well our guess on Polaroids was right!!! This is her album cover!! Anyway, her album will be released 27 October 2014, perfect birthday present for my sis whose birthday is 30th October hahaha. And also, 1989 is the year Taylor was born, if y'all don't know yet hehe. And she also revealed it will be a pop music album! I hope she includes enough country songs though I love her country songs SO MUCH.

Sunday & So On

Sunday was basically volleyball, food.

Took a team photo with coach (who already changed into his referee attire) in flipflops missing some of my teammates. Another victory on Sunday and we just need one more win out of the two more to get into the second round of VAS opens! 

Monopod Bandwagon

Recently there's this trend of using the selfie stick or monopod to take selfies/wefies and I've seen many platforms selling it.

So I jumped on the bandwagon & bought one from a stall in Cineleisure for only $3.50! I hope it's durable haha and anyway I think it's actually pretty useful and fun! I didn't get the bluetooth remote though, because it was pretty expensive. So all photos taken with the monopod's help are self-timed. (There're many free apps available both on the AppStore and Google Playstore so just search for selftimer or similar words. The app I'm using currently is called SelfCamFull, free from the AppStore.) Here's a shot taken in my room hehe.

Taylor Swift Red Tour


My Volleyball Journey

Volleyball has been a big part of my life, for close to 9 years now, since I was 13.

Apart from the occasional track medal and one tchoukball medal, the rest of my medals are from my favourite sport: volleyball.

Friendship / Brand's InnerShine

"Tis the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and have her nonsense respected."
- Charles Lamb

First up I would like to thank InnerShine for engaging an awesome photographer Jia En to do a photo shoot for Ellen and I. Thank you Jia En for being so friendly and nice, even taking the effort to prepare the picnic setting for us! 

When I first received an email from Brand's InnerShine and was informed that they scouted me through Instagram, I was pretty sure Ellen got selected too. This girl so popular and pretty please, confirm selected one eh! Anyway I was so glad to find out that it was true cause this means that we can have more fun together through another exciting platform - InnerShine!

Photo Editing on iPhone

I've been known to sometimes spend up to an hour editing a same picture on my iPhone just because I'm not satisfied with it! Sadly, I do not possess any skills for using photoshop nor do I own the software. I wish I did though, but then again I doubt I will be able to learn how to use it. So I just stick to what's handy: editing photos from my iPhone straight!

Here are my 9 favourite photography apps from the App Store, some have asked me if they can be found on the Google Play Store for Android but honestly I don't know. This is one reason why I cannot use an adroid phone! Furthermore, idk why but Samsung phones cause most high resolution photos become pixelated when uploaded to social media platforms like Instagram. (anybody can enlighten me as to why this is so?) 

I will number the apps according to how they are arranged here in my folder! PhotoWonder being number 1 and VSCOcam number 9. I won't go according to sequence because I use a few apps together to edit most photos.