Only Aesthetic's Birthday

It was Only Aesthetic's 10th birthday celebration and we had a lovely view over at KU DÉ TA!

Along with The Influencer Network team! Just a really short update here while I take a break amdst my many assignments.

Infuusa New Flavours

Infuusa is back with new improved flavours!!!!!

Now if you still do not know what is Infuusa, you can take a look at my previous blog post HERE. So let's skip the formal introduction! Infuusa is back this year, with new improved flavours! Read on for discount link!

Fiona Amour Nails

Gel manicure is so awesome! Check out my sponsor: Fiona Amour Nails!

The first picture here will always updated with my most recent set of nails.

Oliva Italian Restaurant

I'm on a roll with food posts this week!

For a taste of truly authentic Italian food, head down to Oliva today! I don't really know what clearly constitutes Italian food, but I believe that I LOVE ITALIAN FOOD if all Italian food taste like whatever I had here at Oliva! 

Marugoto Shokudo @ Broadway Plaza

Do you love sashimi as much as I do? Check out what I had over at Marugoto Shokudou!

Aptly named Marugoto Shokudou, the first word of which literally meaning “to eat an entire meal”, this Japanese diner is proud to bring a bona fide Japanese dining experience to heartlanders with a menu of nearly 150 unique items, each lovingly crafted by a dedicated culinary team.

Yoga with Love

Back with a short post on the time when Ken went for a short yoga session with me!

Warrior pose!

FATCAT Ice Cream Bar

Fat Cat is a fresh and unique new cafe over at the East side of Singapore, and they serve dessert in so many unique ways I was so intrigued and enjoyed every bite so much!

 Fat Cat is located at 416 Bedok North Avenue 2, SIngapore 460416. Head on to their website HERE for their opening hours and more information!

How I Spent Xmas & New Year

Starting the new year right this year!

Here's just a summary of how I spent my Christmas of 2014, as well as welcoming the new year 2015.