NBAN™ Band - The Anti-Nausea Fashion Accessory We All Need

What does anti-nausea and fashion have in common? This NBAN™ Band, a water-proof fashion accessory we all need, to help improve quality of sleep and relieve acid reflux on top of easing motion sickness!

This has become a hassle-free necessity in my daily life, because it helps with my weak stomach issues AND looks good on my wrist. My friends and family have also tried it and found it effective in curbing their motion sickness and nausea problems! Read on as I show you the magic behind the effectiveness of this NBAN™ Band.

Kinohimitsu Superfood+ Lady Ambassador

Kinohimitsu, the no. 1 best-selling beauty functional drink in Singapore and Malaysia, is proud to unveil their latest celebrity ambassador for the new Superfood+ Lady beverage, the multi-talented and effervescent Oon Shu An!

To mark the launch of the nutritious multigrain beverage, the brand also proudly kick-starts the #SuperLady campaign, celebrating the unique #SuperLady in each of us. Read on for more and a discount code below!

Keeping Up with Lifelong Learning & Continuing Education with SP PACE Academy

I'm pretty sure many of you have heard of the term Lifelong Learning. Yes, we vaguely know that it's important, but why and how do we get started on this continuing learning? ‘Schooling’ is only one type of learning. There are many other opportunities to further your knowledge and develop the skills you need throughout life!

Let me share with you a little more about the benefits of Continuing Education, and keeping yourself updated with the latest technological advances, as well as utilising the 'free' money from the Singapore government: SkillsFuture Credit!