Supernova Juice Cleanse

Recently, I did a one-day juice cleanse, with yummy juices from Supernova!

Supernova juices are crafted by top mixologists and community juicers in Singapore, made using premium ingredients from superfoods, natural fruits and fresh vegetables. Locally sourced and cold pressed daily. Every drop promises good things.

Get RedMart Coupon Codes with ShopBack on top of cashback

Have you heard of ShopBack? The online platform where you GET PAID TO SHOP??? Today I'm showing you how you can get RedMart coupon codes with ShopBack, ON TOP OF CASHBACK!

So perhaps let me start with a short introduction of ShopBack as well as RedMart.

Blog Meet @ Pure Yoga

A few days ago, I attended a blog meet at Pure Yoga!

I was invited to #BlogMeetSg for the first time, and it was held at Pure Yoga! I had such a good time catching up with fellow bloggers as well as a good yoga session where we were stretched and pushed to our limits!

Agrobazaar - Best Malaysian Food in Singapore

Shop, dine and chill at Agrobazaar Malaysia in Singapore! Your one stop destination for Malaysian grown, Malaysian produced goods, authentic Malaysian Cuisine and great gourmet coffee.

Look at the amazing array of food that Agrobazaar offers! I had a great time stuffing myself with food because most of it tastes so good.

My Experience Visiting Nox - Dine in the Dark

Hi guys! Here's a very very informal post talking about my first-hand and first experience at Nox - Dine in the Dark.

If you want more information on Nox, please visit their website: This is not an advertorial/editorial, it's on my own personal basis that I'm writing this.

Soteria Face & Nail

Soteria Face & Nail is a very pretty and cozy place located at Kovan, just a few minutes away from Kovan mrt station. I got an invitation from lady boss Engel, to visit them and try their services.

When I first stepped into the place, I was wowed by the beautiful setting!

Crab Towkay - Singapore's Online Seafood Delivery & Supplier

A delicious meal prepared by my beloved grandma who cooks so well!!! Crabs were delivered live to me from Crab Towkay - an online seafood deliverer and supplier in Singapore!

My family members and I had a feast for dinner, as the crabs delivered by Crab Towkay were really good! The price was reasonable as well.

NDP Celebrations @ The Float

Jointly organised by People’s Association (PA) and SAFRA, National Day Parade Celebrations At The Float will welcome 25,000 Singaporeans each night at the Marina Floating platform on Sat, 1 August and Sun, 9 August 2015.

I attended the NDP preview on 1st August, and got to witness firsthand the unsung heroes behind the planning and preparation of this event!

Artistry Signature Treatment

If you've been following me for quite awhile, you'd have realized that I've dyed my hair a total of 5 times in the past 8 months. Now that's very damaging to my hair, and it feels almost like hay. I've done countless treatment for my hair which never lasts beyond a few days. Thus, I've been looking high and low for a lasting treatment... and I'm glad to say here at Artistry I've finally found it!

Artistry Hair Professional is the pioneer batch using Mucota Dyna products (which works wonders on hair) and their branch director Jerry, is the sole educator of Mucota products in Singapore.

SG50 Jubilee Weekend - Activities to celebrate Singapore's 50th birthday

I'm sure everyone knows it's quite a big deal that Singapore is 50 years old this year, and there are really SO MANY activities lined up for us! Singapore is set for the Jubilee Weekend where many activities have been lined up for us Singaporeans in the spirit of celebrating Singapore's 50th birthday!
Here I have a very very long list of activities available, do scroll through and see if you have any you would like to attend with your loved ones. No more excuses to stay at home saying there's nothing to do or nowhere to go in Singapore! Also, you can download the SG50 app for a convenient list of events/activities happening over the Jubilee Weekend! For App Store: ( For Google Play Store: (