Sunday & So On

Sunday was basically volleyball, food.

Took a team photo with coach (who already changed into his referee attire) in flipflops missing some of my teammates. Another victory on Sunday and we just need one more win out of the two more to get into the second round of VAS opens! 

Monopod Bandwagon

Recently there's this trend of using the selfie stick or monopod to take selfies/wefies and I've seen many platforms selling it.

So I jumped on the bandwagon & bought one from a stall in Cineleisure for only $3.50! I hope it's durable haha and anyway I think it's actually pretty useful and fun! I didn't get the bluetooth remote though, because it was pretty expensive. So all photos taken with the monopod's help are self-timed. (There're many free apps available both on the AppStore and Google Playstore so just search for selftimer or similar words. The app I'm using currently is called SelfCamFull, free from the AppStore.) Here's a shot taken in my room hehe.