SOTHYS's Hydra3Ha NEW Hydra-Plumping Complex

Bringing you a whole new level of skin hydration with the new Hydra3Ha range, SOTHYS has reinvented the "hyaluronic acid" approach with the newly enhanced concept, triple hyaluronic acid! Acting according to three main objectives, the NEW hydra-plumping complex, gives you a touch of bouncy skin under the surface!

Here's me having a great time onboard a yacht for SOTHY's launch party! Read on to find out more about this amazing hydrating range which I fell in love with, because my skin really needs that moisture!

Hydration is well-known for having very strong impact on all the qualities of the skin, such as radiance, elasticity, youthful appearance and skin comfort are all closely linked to hydration! Well-hydrated skin is supple and plumped, and sometimes even brings people the urge to pinch your face.

Hydra3Ha from SOTHYS advanced research offers 3 main actions with the new hydra-plumping complex: RESTORE + PLUMP, REACTIVATE & REGENERATE.

These actions are possible by SOTHYS exclusive patented active ingredients 1055 boletus extract, High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid + NMF (natural moisturizing factor) components and Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid.

Hydra3Ha uses a three dimensional approach to provide powerful hydration that starts from deep within the skin cells at the gene level to the surface moisture barrier. It's an all-encompassing and long term solution to effective skin hydration that acts from 3 dimensions.

Firstly, it restores immediate hydration to the deeper levels of the epidermis, bringing even more high molecular weight hyaluronic acid + NMF components for a hydra-plumping effect. Next, it retrains the skin's ability to optimize its own skin hydration by stimulating trans-epidermic water flow and the expression of the skin's hydration gene. Lastly, it protects the skin against moisture loss! This new treatment and product range is specifically designed to meet the various demands of Singapore's hot climate, Asian skin type and hydration needs.

SOTHYS' Hydra3Ha enhances the function of the key players in skin hydration, which are the NMF (natural moisturizing factor) and the HA (hyaluronic acid). NMF alone can retain half the water present on the skin surface, while HA on the other hand plays an essential role in the epidermal structure by retaining water.  Hydra3Ha works on this to limit water loss, enhance the water locking properties of the skin surface, improve the water flow between cells, and lastly, boost hydration generation by stem cells!

Thank you SOTHYS for the great time! Get your hands on SOTHYS' Hydra3Ha range to plump up your skin with the moisture it needs!

If you would like to know, my favourite product of the range is the Hydrating Youth Cream! The active ingredients include Hyluronic Acid HMW (high molecular weight) in patch form which contains quenching molecules to form a protective film and progressively release the essential components of the NMF (natural moisturising factor). Serves as the water reservoir on the skin surface for immediate and long-lasting hydration!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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