Friendship / Brand's InnerShine

"Tis the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and have her nonsense respected."
- Charles Lamb

First up I would like to thank InnerShine for engaging an awesome photographer Jia En to do a photo shoot for Ellen and I. Thank you Jia En for being so friendly and nice, even taking the effort to prepare the picnic setting for us! 

When I first received an email from Brand's InnerShine and was informed that they scouted me through Instagram, I was pretty sure Ellen got selected too. This girl so popular and pretty please, confirm selected one eh! Anyway I was so glad to find out that it was true cause this means that we can have more fun together through another exciting platform - InnerShine!

I was super excited knowing I had the chance of working together with Brand's! Such a big company which everyone knows, especially their chicken essence which I really loved since I was young. Anyway, what's trendy now is their Marine Collagen jelly strip! The goodness of collagen in a yummy convenient strip, perfect for consuming on the go. I'm really grateful that InnerShine had scouted Ellen and I, giving us the opportunity to have so much more fun together!

Anyway, this post is dedicated to my friendship with this pretty crazy girl here Ellen Chan Siying!! Aiyo I know so cheesy right we are not that kind of mushy kind of girls so my goosebumps all stand while typing this HAHAHA. Anyway the thing about her is even though she's approximately one year my junior, we clicked well from the start and sometimes I feel like I'm looking at myself through a mirror because we do have quite a few similarities!

I have never known anybody as rubbish/nonsense/hyper as Ellen and sometimes I see her I really face-palm and laugh and feel embarrassed for her cause she really too cute!

This was taken at Marina Barrage with the crazy ass wind blowing in our faces! It was so hard to look nice and we were actually quite frustrated with the wind. But then again it was Marina Barrage so it's not like we could do anything to stop the wind hahaha. We just made do and I'm glad (some of) the photos turned out alright!

Here's a throwback to see how our friendship has progressed. I can't remember when this was taken but see we look so much younger hahaha actually I think less than 2 years ago la. We've known each other for about 2 years and counting! I still remember the first time we met then; we started talking about volleyball stuff and the A'division championships. I remembered thinking it was weird and refreshing at the same time how we hit off so quickly!

So basically this photos sums up how we met! Through this nonsense but very fun group of mutual friends. (insert heart shapes) 
Always have lots of fun out together with them!

This was one of the first few photos we took together I think! ^^

This was one of our study sessions at NUS u-town!

Here's a picture of us with another one of our good friend, Jiayin! This was taken about 2 years back when we were at Changi Airport to send Jiayin off to Australia to study. Now, 2 years later, she's back with her degree and already working while both me and Ellen still slogging our way through university education in Singapore.... hahaha

This collage actually tells a story in 2012. 
First, Ellen accompanies me to NTU to attend a briefing and collect my matric card! Then we left NTU and were headed to West Coast Park because the guys are flying kites there.  BUT WE WERE ROAD IDIOTS and..... we travelled for DAMN LONG AND GOT LOST. Apparently the West Coast Park that the maps led us too was West Coast Park STREET... super fail.
So the 2nd photo depicts hot, sweaty and frustrated us as we trekked almost the whole of west Singapore just to arrive at West Coast Park. End up the guys had already finished flying their kites lolol.

This is one photo where I thought we look kinda alike! 
Besides being bubbly and fun, Ellen has been there whenever I get into a sad/bad mood because of quarrels or stressed over school work. Lending a helping ear definitely helps me de-stress and study sessions are always filled with small talk and catching up with our lives. Conversation flows naturally and I can speak whatever's on my mind because I know I won't be judged! Furthermore, Ellen understands my idiosyncrasies because she's the same as me brain wired the same weird way hahaha! Except, as I keep repeating, she's really 10x louder and more hyper and crazier than me.

Taken during Chinese New Year this year where we finally had full attendance for our clique! The sun was shining damn brightly in our eyes la so all eyes look very small. On a hind note, I realize the guys are also very nonsense maybe that explains why they can stand Ellen and I and why we all click so well together... hahaha.

You know people always say best friends don't have to meet regularly and friendship can still be sustained? Well yeah it's cliche but it's true! Despite not meeting for quite long, we still talk freely and enjoy each other's company when we do!

Super happy I requested for both of us to do the shoot together! We had loads of fun and because we absolutely loved to take pictures, the photo shoot seemed to end in no time at all. Although we kinda forget how to smile after that cause our mouths were frozen hahaha. Jia En took like 400+ photos of us and we took about 80+ photos of us in my iPhone in the span of an hour... wow.

We were gifted with Brand's InnerShine Marine Collagen jelly to incorporate them into our daily lifestyles (make it part of our lives!) and capture these moments on our social media platforms and so we did! Ellen and I have posted a few photos with InnerShine's marine collagen jelly on our respective Instagram page, the start of a fun and exciting journey ahead!

Thankful for this silly girl whom I can trust to brighten up my day with her nonsense face on Snapchat hehehe. We've grown to know each other better throughout the years and I hope to have you as a friend forever! (cue goosebumps)

Also, a big shoutout to Brand's InnerShine!
Thank you for giving us the chance to taste your yummy marine collage jelly strip, as well as giving common girls like us the opportunity to shine! 

We'll continue to shine on.

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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