Singapore Uni Games 2015 NTU Double Champion Teams

Here's a short post to wrap up the Singapore University Games (SUniG) season for this year, with both the NTU men's and women's team bringing back the champion title!

Team NTU volleyball, with me being the oldest senior alongside many very young freshies!

I guess it can be said that it started out pretty smooth-sailing for our team, as we won our first 3 matches of the season, against team SUTD, SMU and NUS.

Then in our 4th and final match in round robin, we lost to SIM 0-3.

Photos from NTU Spirit and VoxSports.

Still, being the second team in the round robin play sequence, we were into finals! Up against SIM another time, as the dark horse.

And then, after a grueling 5 sets, WE WON THE CHAMPION TITLE!!!!
The second set we played till 29-31 omg I've never deuced so long in my vball life. One bad habit about our team is that we always like to play the 'catch-up' game. Lose a lot of points and then behind slowly slowly fight back. Very tiring!!! But this time round, our perserverance paid off!!!

Thank you SIM for the good game!

And also thank you Chienwen!!!

Ex-teammates love, the kp animal team!!!

Congratulations also to the men's team who won the champions title with a 3-0 win against all-time champion team NUS!

Double FIVES, double CHAMPS!
Finally double champs, the first time in my life! All the while I've wanted it (so cool if both the men's and women's team win together right) but never gotten it. We had double finals in Nanyang a few times but either one of the team didn't win. When I told Johner (who was also from nyvb and we went finals tgt but didn't win), he said "A'div give others win, we win SUniG can already!" Hahaha nice.

In NTU, only champion teams get their photos up on the wall in NTU Sports and Recreation Centre. Therefore #onthewall has always been our motivation. Good job team! Adding another gold medal to my collection!!!

A good end to my last SUniG season! Thank you for giving me and Lyv, the graduating seniors, the best gift; leaving our faces #onthewall.

xoxo, kaitinghearts


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