The LoKal x HollerOut App

Visited The Lokal with fellow blogger Sophie and we enjoyed their good food while we chatted!

Here's our meal, picture from Sophie's blog! I'm happy to let you know how YOU CAN GET 10% OFF YOUR TOTAL BILL by entering 'kaitingheart' into the HollerOut app when you visit The Lokal next time!

Lobster Roll, $22
Slipper lobster tails, gherkin, coleslaw & lemon mayonnaise.
I love the twister fries! However, I found the lobster roll average. Maybe because I'm not a fan of vegetables or coleslaw for that matter. The lobster meat was fresh and chewy though! 

Bangers and Mash, $20
Served with onion gravy.
I love love mashed potatoes! Especially with a delicious gravy. Would really recommend this dish to potato lovers! The sausages were also well prepared, and I thoroughly enjoyed this dish.

Sophie and I got a picture with the charming Darren, executive chef and owner of The Lokal!

So now comes the fun part: let me introduce to you:

HollerOut is a mobile app that is designed for merchants to directly interact with existing and potential customers. A merchant’s best brand ambassadors are its existing customers, and HollerOut enables a merchant to directly reward its ambassadors in proportion to the amount of new customers that each ambassador brings.

This pay for performance feature is ideal for merchants looking to build a social media footprint with minimal cost, and at the same time allows ambassadors to cash-in on their influence. And you know what's the best thing? ANYONE & EVERYONE can be an ambassador and spread the word to earn!

But here's the catch (there's always one). You can only become an ambassador of a merchant via 2 ways. 1) He invites you to be his ambassador and 2) You claim that first time benefit through HollerOut. These draconian rules are set in place to prevent abuse and false advertising, by ensuring that all ambassadors of a merchant must be an existing customer of the merchant.

So now you know, how to get discounts and share good food and services with your friends! Enter 'kaitingheart' into the HollerOut app when you're at the Lokal, to enjoy 10% off your total bill! Start spreading the word and recommendations today!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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