Maskingdom - Combining Exquisite Art & Beauty

Maskingdom is the leading facial mask brand in the world that incorporates art and design into the mask packaging! It's the kingdom where everyone is beautiful, and it has arrived in Singapore!

I was at the launch of Maskingdom over at Takashimaya with these two pretty girls. Read on for more details about Maskingdom!

With innovative concepts and strong intentions of being safe, effective and eco-friendly, Maskingdom strives to create a new Asian boutique trend that incorporates local elements, culture and artistic creativity. This builds the connection between people and beauty.

Maskingdom originates from Taiwan, and has won numerous national awards since 2009!

With their new I-Wish Mask Series, sharing the joy or blessing is as simple as buying a gift. I-Wish Mask Series comes in 12 different themes, each customized with a different special occasion and good wishes.

Here we tried on their hand masks: Ultimate truffle wine mask. Collect the high quality wine with precious white truffle. It promotes cuticle renewal and lighten the complexion. It also makes skin radiant white and smooth!

Maskingdom presents to you their adaptation of the classic fairytale, Red Riding Hood. Opening up a new field of beauty with truffles, Maskingdom aims to bring consumers a sense of childhood happiness! A premium mask range infused with truffles and top quality ingredients such as wine, pearl and chocolate, it adds on an exclusively illustrated Red Riding Hood character that brings each mask theme to life.

Here the the goodies I bagged home from the launch! I really love the pretty packaging fit for a queen! I've tried the masks as well and love how fragrant they are, as well as how it's so soothing on my skin.

Thank you Maskingdom and PlusOneAsia for having us! Get your Maskingdom masks from Takashimaya B1 today!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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