K-Palette's Disney Edition Eyebrow Series

From March, the award-winning K-Palette 2Way Brow Liner and 3Way Brow Pencil comes in a limited-edition packaging featuring four iconic Disney Princesses – Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Rapunzel (Tangled), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), and Cinderella (Cinderella).

Achieve the ideal eyebrow look with the K-Palette Eyebrow series – from the trending Instagram brows to the natural Korean brows. ARE ALL DISNEY FANS SWOONING WITH ME RIGHT NOW?

Both the 2-way eyebrow liquid and the 3-way eyebrow pencil has strong adhesive holding oil for maximum lasting effect up to 24 hours. On top of being water-proof, sweat-proof and sebum-proof, both include beauty essences to moisturize eyebrows! The shades include: Light Brown, Natural Brown, Mocha Brown, and Greyish Brown.

The 2-in-1 eyebrow liquid features a sheer liquid tip to add layer to every stroke, and a pointed sponge tip for precision. The soft and malleable powder tip has a tinge of shimmer in powder for the perfect party look!

The 3-way eyebrow pencil features a smooth-gliding pencil tip which forms a velvety texture complete with retractable design, translucent powder which creates a soft finish and an additional brow spoolie brush for the finishing touch to blend colour evenly.

Step 1: Pull out cap and turn the pencil holder for eye pencil to emerge. Slowly shade and fill in colour onto your eyebrows in small strokes.
Step 2: Twist cap to open powder tip. Blend the pencil colour where it appears too harsh, pointed powder tip allows for precise application on the tail of your eyebrows.

Now available at Watsons, SASA, Guardian, BHG, Robinsons, John Little and Zalora for only $23.90 each, you'll be able to get the perfect eyebrow essentials! You'll also be able to find K-Palette on Beauty Carousel. Happy shopping!

Good news: I'm currently giving away some of these sets now on my Instagram HERE. Hurry take part! Contest ends on 21st March.

xoxo, kaitinghearts


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