LiHo's Dragonfruit Carnival - Introducing New Dragonfruit Drinks

LiHo's Dragonfruit series has officially launched and they have 2 new drinks - Cheese Dragonfruit Smoothie & Dragonfruit Green Tea! If you haven't heard, LiHO is Singapore's first home grown freshly brewed tea brand and first to introduce Cheese Tea to the market.

I enjoyed myself at LiHo's Dragon Party held at their Bugis+ outlet, and the whole place was decorated prettily with many balloons and pink flamingos! Read on to find my review on their new Dragonfruit additions.

Their party was really pink and cool, and I got to make my own cotton candy! The first step was pouring the cotton candy powder in the middle.

Then, just a few seconds later, I had to take a straw/stick and put it on top of the machine because the cotton candy flakes were already spinning out! It was effortless and I didn't even have to do large movements to swirl the cotton candy around; it just sticks.

TA-DA happy with my pink cotton candy! Can I mention again how this party is really pink and pretty and how we got to bag home those cute pink flamingo glass bottles!!!

LiHO 里喝 means, “how are you?” in the Chinese dialect – Hokkien and what LiHo wants to show is that that despite the differences in language and culture among different races in Singapore, a simple greeting of LiHO! can bond us together and that is what LiHO signify – a proud Singapore tea beverage brand that every Singaporean can relate to. 

All their teas and beverages are brewed daily onsite, at all LiHO outlets. As a homegrown Singapore brand, their aim is to grow the tea drinking culture.

Dragonfruit Green Tea, $4.20/$5.20
Jasmine green tea topped with dragonfruit juice. Straightforward but yet unique in taste. Do a good mix to get a taste of both the dragonfruit and green tea together! A soft and sweet twist to the usual tea, for the green tea lovers. You can customize your sugar level for this drink.

Cheese Dragonfruit Smoothie, $6.90
There are so many layers and experience in this drink! Deep magenta-coloured dragonfruit is blended with fresh milk and ice for a nice refreshing treat and topped off with LiHo's Signature Cheese. Of course, LiHo added a secret ingredient to the drink! Do note that sugar level is not customizable for this.

First, try the Dragonfruit smoothie without the cheese to taste the refreshing real fruit. Second, swirl the cheese in and taste the difference. You will be surprised! I loveeeee this smoothie! The taste is so unique like nothing I've ever tasted before (because who else will think of mixing Dragonfruit with cheese or even tea) and it was a really refreshing experience. Definitely something you should try!

Thank you LiHo for having us at the media tasting, we really enjoyed the new Dragonfruit series drinks! Next time you pass by LiHo, you'll know what to get!

xoxo, kaitinghearts

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