FRESH by Honestbee - Receive Fresh Groceries in An Hour!

The year 2017 is coming to an end soon and there must be something out there that allows me to shop for fresh groceries without me stepping into a supermarket and lugging back all those plastic bags right? YES I AM RIGHT! Let me tell you about Asia's leading online concierge and delivery service, honestbee!

My fresh groceries were delivered by honestbee and I specially ordered some bananas because they are Lucky's favourite fruit! I'm pleasantly surprised by the simple-to-use user interface on the honestbee app which I downloaded on my phone to order from. Read on for more!

So what exactly is honestbee?

You know how we girls always love shopping for clothes online? All the blogshop clothes, so convenient to just scroll, click and buy! Then they'll be sent to us a few days later. Don't you want to do that too with your groceries or food? Won't that be even better because you don't have to literally carry all them heavy stuff home? 

THUS, honestbee is here to solve our problems! Get to order from your favourite grocery stores, and then a concierge shopper will handpick the best products for you. Lastly, a delivery bee will bring all these to your doorstep!

Now, with honestbee's new FRESH campaign, not only can you get your groceries online, you can get them FASTER, CHEAPER and FRESHER!

Backed by honestbee's 5X Price Match Guarantee, same-day 1-hour delivery slots, full delivery promise (or your money back), and freshness assurance, the choice is simple. The choice is fresh by honestbee, your better online grocer.

My greedy boy couldn't wait to eat his favourite fresh bananas!

The user interface on the mobile app itself is very fuss-free and super easy to navigate around! Help is also just a click away if needed. Delivery was prompt and my instructions (to call before reaching) were adhered to as well. The delivery people were so nice when I asked if they could deliver slightly later to wait for me to get home first.

I like how I opened the app in the morning and the earliest delivery time was already within the next hour. Efficient indeed!

Here's what I got from honestbee. It's not a lot (because my mum just stocked up the house a few days ago) but I just wanted to check out honestbee's service and I'm mightly pleased!

I actually ordered some fresh apples too but was surprised to find it not in the stash. After checking the app, I found out that it was out of stock, and the price of the apples was automatically deducted from my final receipt. All done so seamlessly with no hassle at all from my part, and I can easily order again if I need to.

Thank you honestbee for being so efficient and fresh! Definitely my choice when it comes to shopping for fresh groceries online. Use the voucher code 'FRESHLEH' to get $10 off $40 minimum spending with free delivery for first time users!

xoxo, kaitinghearts


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