The Amazing Kubebond by New Age Polish - Ultimate Protection for Your Car

I've just gotten my new car and the first thing I needed was to provide it with a good protective layer, for it to last me through the years. I was recommended New Age Polish, for their excellent customer service and professional service while treating cars; and I wasn't disappointed indeed!

After some discussion, I decided to give the ultimate paint protection regime for my car - the Kubebond Diamond 9H Coating. Read on to find out how it protects my car and how it makes keeping my car clean much easier!

One aspect that distinguishes New Age Polish from many other car grooming companies, is that the boss Gabriel is very hands-on, undertaking much of the work himself, together with his small team.

At New Age Polish, the range of services include quality foam wash, polishing and waxing, pest fumigation, steam cleaning and anti-bacteria treatment, leather restoration, leather protection coating, as well as the two main services of paintwork restoration and paint protection coating. Paintwork restoration is one of the more popular services, and many drivers with older cars tend to take up this particular service. It allows even the oldest of cars to look brand new.

New Age Polish's detailing packages aren't just about cleaning—though they do that—they're about giving your car the kind of treatment it deserves. They're about giving her the shine and polish you just can't get on your own. They're about ensuring that the paint is perfect, that the interior is flawless, and that the entire car, from the front bumper to the rear, is protected against the sun, rain, and heat!

Hello to my car on snow! ;)

Νew Аgе Роlіsh sресіаlіzеs іn саr саrе sеrvісеs undеr thе ехреrtіsе оf рrоfеssіоnаls wіth аn аffоrdаblе рrісе, using аdvаnсеd tесhnоlоgу tесhnіquеs іn саr wаshеs! Their Quаlіtу Fоаm wash uses a Foam Cannon together with a PH-neutral Shampoo. This will clean оff dіrt, grіmе аnd dеbrіs thаt іs саusеd аs а rеsult оf rаіn, slееt, snоw аnd bugs; to mаkе уоur саr sроtlеss аnd sраrklіng сlеаn.

Their fоаm wаsh vіsіblу rеduсеs sроts аnd strеаks fоr а hіgh glоss fіnіsh, so you don't have to worry as much about putting scratches in while washing your ride!

New Age Polish's Paint Protection Regime is developed to counter many of the issues that drivers face, such as damage from chemical and environmental contaminants, paint oxidation and the loss of the paint's hydrophobic effect. Much research has been undertaken over the years to source for the right products to offer the highest level of paint protection.

New Age Polish's paint protection regimes are priced to cater to customers with different requests, and their packages offer high gloss levels, scratch resistance, chemical resistance, protection against UV exposure and oxidation, hydrophobic water repellent effect, smoothness and durability. 

These paint protection regime helps to prevent against water marks, dirt and algae, as well as presenting a high-gloss wet look finish at all times. It is also wallet-friendly, as it drastically reduces cleaning frequencies, with no more polishing or waxing required. These paint protection systems are suitable for all paint finishes, including matt paint.

The key factor of the KubeBond is the Revolution Bonding Technology, which has excellent bonding strength with the coated surface forming a hard cubic ceramic layer. It protects surfaces from damaging contaminants and harsh chemicals, the hydrophobic effect makes it easy-to-clean. and keep dust and dirt harder adhesion to, without affecting the look or feel of it.

Revolution Bonding Technology provides superior coating bonding strength. This bonding strength is not simply physical viscosity, but is achieved through chemical bonding between moisture in the air, liquid glass and the material of substrate. The cubic matrix structure will be formed up during the curing process, before tying up with surface permanently. The bonding strength is strong enough that even the smooth, glossy glass surface can be banded together!

IN SIMPLER TERMS, it's the best technology (to date) to protect your car la ok? Hahaha.

Here's my car baking in process.

KubeBond Diamond 9H ceramic glass coating is the revolutionary product that create a superior layer to keep car surfaces strong and shiny, just like a diamond. Also known as "Liquid Diamond", this 9H ceramic coating simply transforms from a transparent liquid to a transparent 9H pencil-hardness glass film when applied on surfaces. All it takes is just one application and proper maintenance, to achieve a permanent nano-ceramic coating that gives the best protection and excellent resistance against water, weather & temperature!

Gabriel also helped to install this paint protection film for me on my front lights. It helps with anti-yellowing, has a self-healing effect, is hydrophobic (water repellent), stain resistant and it's easy to remove! Plus if I travel at high speed, stone/rocks will not be able to break my lamps!

The hydrophobic effect on my car after the coating is done, really makes washing and cleaning my car so much easier! Dirt or grease was also easy to remove with just a quick wipe.

There's also a plastic coating over the trims, and they are brighter (sparkling) and darker. The whole coating process will take about 6-8 hours, so it's recommended that you leave your car with Gabriel and his team in the morning, so that you can take it back by early evening.

All the awards and certifications ensure that you're in the best professional hands at New Age Polish. Check out their many 5-star reviews on their Facebook page too! 

New Age Polish is located at 11 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #01-112, North Spring Biz Hub, Singapore 768089. Contact them at +65-81610131, and drop them an email at for any enquiries. They also have an outlet in the west, at the address 7 Soon Lee Street #01-26 iSPACE Singapore 627608.

If you have a special event coming up, where your car has to be in the best shape it can possibly be in, well, leave that up to New Age Polish and their professionalism! Thank you New Age Polish for the professional service, and for providing the best protection for my new car!

xoxo, kaitinghearts


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